What does this mean?

What equipment is covered by the fleet average portion of the Off-Road Large Spark Ignition Engine Regulation (LSI fleet regulation)?

The LSI fleet regulation addresses engine that are fueled by gasoline, CNG, or LPG, rated at 25 horsepower or greater (greater than 19 kilowatts), and used in forklifts and the following non-forklift equipment: industrial tow tractors, airport ground support equipment, and sweeper/scrubbers.

Does this apply to me?

How do I know the LSI fleet regulation applies to me?

You need to determine your fleet size.  To do so, you must first determine whether you need to add the equipment in each of your fleets together.  If your facilities make their equipment procurement decisions, including budgeting, independent of one another, then their equipment does not have to be added together for the purposes of determining fleet size.  However, if procurement decisions and/or budgeting occur at a higher echelon headquarters or corporate level, then all of the equipment at all of the facilities for which the high echelon level makes procurement decisions must be added or aggregated together to determine fleet size. 

What do I need to do?

What kind of general information should I record?

A baseline inventory of the company's statewide fleet of both forklifts and non-forklifts needs to be taken. A written statement should be kept saying that the quality of fuel supplied meets all applicable state and federal laws for use in their engines.

Is there a penalty for non-compliant trucks?

CARB can fine companies $500 per day, per non-compliant truck.

Important Terms

Non-forklifts - This includes sweepers/scrubbers, industrial tractors, and airport ground support equipment.

Small Sized Fleet - A small sized fleet contains less than 4 forklifts or non-forklifts.

Medium Sized Fleet - An operator with 4 to 25 pieces of SLI equipment is defined as a medium sized fleet.

Large Sized Fleet - An operator with more than 26 pieces of SLI equipment is defined as a large sized fleet.

Operator - A "person with a legal right of possession and use of LSI engine equipment other than a person whose usual and customary business is the rental or leasing of LSI equipment."

LSI - large spark ignition.

Engine Family Names - This is an alphanumeric code which is the legal identifier of an engine to the California and/or US EPA PA. For certified engines, engine manufactures are required to affix a label to the engine listing the Engine Family Name.