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What is ACH?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. ACH is a computer-based clearing and settlement facility that transfers money directly and electronically with your authorization from bank to bank.  

Benefits of ACH:

No use of paper which means it helps our environment.

No need to spend time writing checks. Which means you save time.

It's more secure since your information is encrypted transferring from bank to bank.

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Go Paperless!


Businesses within the U.S. trade in excess of 13 billion invoices annually, which accounts for more than 25 billion pieces of paper that are floating around offices each year. 

Invoices are responsible for 10 percent of all trees cut down worldwide and creating paper invoices uses as much electricity each year as the consumption of 20 million households.

A year's worth of invoices take up as much landfill space as 10 football fields each stacked more than 100 feet deep with paper.

Benefits of E-Invoicing

Save paper, Save time, Save money

Save and retrieve old invoices

Help the environment