Available as a factory-installed option or an aftermarket addition, T-Matics MOBILE and T-Matics COMMAND deliver important insights about your forklift and operators to help increase uptime and profitability. T-Matics MOBILE is a mobile forklift management system and is great for forklifts that are not locked to a single location. T-Matics COMMAND® is a robust forklift and forklift operator management system that transfers data through WiFi, but requires the forklifts to be locked to a single location.


Implement with Ease

Lift truck-based sensors, secure wireless data transmission and a cloud-based management portal provides maximum benefits with minimal equipment installation and expense.

InfoLink modules can be installed on your entire fleet: electric and gas forklifts, non-brand lift trucks, other vehicles and stationary equipment.

InfoLink is available as a secure, scalable web-based solution, so its full functionality is available whenever and wherever you need it.


Redefine Battery Management

Battery Health Monitor, available with an InfoLink Advantage Plan, is the only battery management system to integrate truck, operator and battery information, enabling tracking of the battery as a wireless asset and monitoring of battery health while the truck is in operation. 

  • Take control with an integrated system 
  • Make informed battery decisions 
  • Manage batteries as assets
  • Enhance your battery maintenance practices 

Achieve: Better Results

Accurate, robust data supports decisions that can help your organization achieve improved safety and compliance, higher productivity, lower costs and optimized operations. 

InfoLink users in diverse roles discover insights and deliver better results throughout your organization.