Stand Up Reach Forklifts

We have teamed up with HANGCHA to offer the most complete line of reach truck options in the industry. These incredible stand up forklifts offer huge lifting capacities and extremely high lifting heights. They operate in extremely narrow environments and are remarkably easy to maneuver. The pantograph single and double reach functionality of these units increases your storage density potential and overall operation success!

  • Max Lift Height: 35 Feet
  • Capacity: 4,500 LBS
  • Single & Double Reach
  • Operates in 8.5-foot aisles
  • 4-Pivot Structure
  • Low Placed Battery
  • Increase stability
  • Streamlined surface modelling

Stable lifting capabilities & Brilliant design

Engineered to out perform and out live the competition

Choose a reach truck that best fits your exact conditions. Hangcha's substantial line of stand up lifts offer several power modes, which adapt to best perform in your application. Industry leaders love these reach trucks because of their new and improved CONCENTRIC silent gear pumps, which improve lifting a lowering speed so you stay efficient and safe.

Custom design for your exact needs

Because they understand that every company has specific needs for storage applications, Hangcha offers a huge variety of lift heights & capacities so you never have to pay for more than you need!

Maxamize your storage space

Running out of room? With Hangcha's single and double extended reach trucks, you can store pallets in double deep racking and boost your inventory density in your current facility.

Full vision equals higher efficiency

When it comes to lifting pallets to extremely high storage positions -as these reach trucks do- unimpaired vision becomes very important for operate safety and efficiency. Hangcha offers a wider view through the mast and an excellent line of sight.

reaching new heights

Hangcha's FOUR-PIVOT structure & low center of gravity design gives operators a stable control of their pallet load at incredibly high heights. Heavy load conditions are no problem with these models because of the added strength given to the main force-bearing components.

easy maintenance and charging

Operator's costs are driven way down with these Hangcha reach trucks thanks to their maintenance-free brushless AC motors and their easy-to-access open-door panel. Pair that with highly integrated controller and electrical components, and Hangcha's awesome easy to remove battery, and you have the stand up forklift of your dreams!




With the cost of warehouse space skyrocketing across the country, industry-leading businesses have gone vertical! Optimizing your warehouse space means combining the most efficient storage racking system with the perfect fleet of equipment to have your operation flow with precision. Our warehouse experts have spent decades studying the best industry practices in warehouse optimization and have helped thousands of companies get the most from their operations. We have the wisdom to identify exactly where your facility can be improved, and the capabilities to make those changes happen as quickly -and most cost effectively- as possible. The best part is that we give all of this knowledge away for FREE! We would love to come to your facility and evaluate your setup at no charge. We just love warehouses and love to see them running at optimal efficiency!

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Still not convinced?

Let us help you decide.

The warehouse experts at TOTAL WAREHOUSE have decades of experience with every type of industry and operation. We know the exact equipment and storage system combination needed to increase your output. Give us a call and let's grow your business together.

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Vehicle TypeSingle & Double Reach Trucks
Power36-Volt Electric
CapacityUp to 4,500 LBS
Tire TypePolyurethane
Max Lift HeightUp to 421"
Mast HeightAs low as 95"
Mast Tilt (Forward to Back)3º to 4º
Vehicle DimensionsAs compact as 72.7" Length X 37" Width
Turning RadiusAs low as 65.7"
Travel Speed7.5 MPH
Reach DistanceUp to 24"

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