Big Joe Joey eStep

Semi-electric Access Vehicle

Welcome to safer, more productive shelf work. OSHA regulations and general safety convention tells us there is no safe way to stock or retrieve products from a traditional ladder. You will inevitably need to clime or descend the ladder with materials in your hands and risk injury to yourself and others in you fall. This was an accepted occupational risk until now:

The Joey eStep Semi- Electric Access Vehicle is a manually propelled unit with powered lift that provides companies with a safe alternative to low level ladders in the workplace. The DC lift motor and twin post hydraulic elevating system on the eStep are capable of lifting an operator up to 42” while remaining in a fully enclosed compartment.

Designed for retail shelf stocking

The Joey eStep has a maximum operator compartment lift height of 42". If you're stocking standard retail shelves, this is the perfect equipment for your application.

No wasted power

The Joey eStep's DC lift motor has a twin post hydraulic elevation system. It also includes a integral lithium battery with a 110VAC plug-in smart charger. That is power you can count on for an entire shift. This semi-electric access vehicle was engineered to succeed where its competitors have failed.

Move safely

The engineers who developed the Joey eStep knew that safety needed to be its number 1 feature. With that in mind they installed an automatic floor locking system while the cabin is elevated. This way, the operator can focus on getting work done and be sure that they are always safe.

Steps are not your friend. Dual loading trays are!

The main set-back of traditional ladder shelving work is that there is no safe way to transfer a box from ground level to a shelf without having the operator carry it while climbing the steps. The Joey eStep has two 100 LBS Capacity loading trays that fold up to fit any shape of box you may need to handle.


OSHA Regulations

Employee Ladder Hazards

OSHA 1910.23 (b)(12)
Employees must use at least one hand to grasp a ladder when climbing up and down it.

OSHA 1910.23 (b)(13)
No Employee may carry any object or load that could cause an employee to lose balance and fall while climbing up or down a ladder.

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