Carton Flow Racking

Inventory Rotation System

Ideal storage solution for high-volume, medium-turn rate inventory and promotes FIFO inventory rotation. The FIFO Storage System effectively uses angled shelves with roller tracks for gravity-fed order picking. These easy to load and pick systems, enable easy handling of products to feed production, conveyors, packaging, assembly and many other areas that require easy access to various products FAST!

  • Flexible, Simple Installation
  • Works Between Rack Beams
  • Front & Rear Supports Available
  • Drop-in Design
  • No Need for Tools
  • Multiple Hangar Design

customized for success

Carton flow systems expertly designed for your application

Carton Flow Storage Systems employ the highly effective First-In-First-Out inventory rotation method. The great aspect of these systems being custom built is that you don't need to worry about whether or not your inventory will fit. We have decades of experience with all types of industry applications and we will design your system to be an industry in warehouse efficiency. If the speed of order picking makes or breaks your bottom line, Carton Flow Storage Systems are a necessity under your roof. Because Carton Flow Storage Systems are loaded from the back and picked from the front, your staff never has to work on top of each other or slow production until their pick space is open. They can just work and work and work!

We have you covered

Front and rear supports are available for structural beams, step beams, and dedicated shelf frames.

flexible & simple

adding a new product to your inventory? Fear not. Carton Flow Systems can be easily altered and adjusted to fit your exact need --Keeping you productive.

No tools required

Carton Flow Systems require very little effort and time to install. This is one of the quickest, most cost-efficient ways to improve your warehouse's efficiency.


Never accept inefficiency in your facility. Warehouse space is so valuable you cannot afford to have dead spots not contributing to your productivity. That is why we come to your location and map your carton flow to work perfectly for you!

add to existing rack

Most of our customers already have systems in place and just need our help optimizing their warehouse. We expertly apply your carton flow to existing rack and any existing system you may have.

Optimal Gravity Flow

Efficient Order Picking

Keeps products within the reach of a picker at all times. This helps drastically decrease the time it takes for a picker to fill an order, and it is easier to keep products organized. Carton flow racking operates with gravity, allowing for a system with fewer mechanical parts and fewer maintenance needs.

Improve Operational Efficiency By Up To 75%.

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