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EnerSys Ironclad Batteries

Industrial Types

Featuring unique square tube technology, Ironclad® batteries have been leading the industry for over a century. Since 1910, these batteries have provided unmatched performance, helping thousands of operations optimize vehicle fleet efficiency and earned a reputation for unparalleled performance.

  • Extended Run Times
  • Amp-Hour Capacity Rating
  • Higher Sustained Voltages
  • Decreased Watering
  • 84% More Positive Plate Surface Area
  • Up to 5-year +1 warranty

IRONCLAD Loadhog® Batteries

Heavy Duty Power for the Toughest Shifts

Developed for demanding applications and loads, IRONCLAD Loadhog batteries were the first to pack 100 amp-hours into a standard 85-AH compartment. That's up to 18% more capacity than similarly sized conventional batteries. With 55, 75, 100 and 140 amp-hour plates, Loadhog batteries are engineered to handle more demanding shifts and loads.

IRONCLAD Superhog® Batteries

Real Staying Power

With all the advantages of unique square tube technology, Superhog batteries are the supercharged performers in the IRONCLAD product line, built to handle the fastest runs, quickest lifts and heaviest loads. Superhog batteries are engineered to last long enough to cut or eliminate premature battery change-outs. With 110 and 155 amp-hour plates, Superhog batteries are equipped to handle the most demanding applications with performance you can rely on.

IRONCLAD Deserthog® Batteries

Less Water. More Work.

Deserthog batteries hold up to 132% more water than conventional batteries, reducing watering intervals and maintenance costs. Compare watering just once every few months to once per week for standard batteries. Deserthog batteries are also available with a built-in monitor that blinks green when water levels are adequate, supporting lift truck fleet productivity and profitability. With 90, 100 and 125 amp-hour plates, Deserthog batteries power trucks to lift and drive faster, and last longer into the shift.

Key Features

IRONCLAD batteries outshine conventional options, maintaining higher voltages for faster drive and lift speeds in forklift applications. With the highest ampere-hour capacity ratings, they deliver up to 15% more power, especially at the demanding discharge rates of modern AC drive trucks. Fast-opportunity charging can extract up to 120% of the daily battery capacity.

Pair IRONCLAD with EnerSys® chargers for optimal performance.

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Explore our line of EnerSys Ironclad® lead acid batteries that have proven unmatched performance to help operations optimize vehicle fleet efficiency.

1. IRONCLAD LoadHog flooded lead-acid batteries

2. IRONCLAD SuperHog flooded batteries

3. IRONCLAD DesertHog flooded batteries

The IRONCLAD battery enhances productivity while simultaneously reducing costs. Its higher sustained voltage and lower amp draw minimize heat and strain on truck electrical components, decreasing maintenance expenses. Trucks perform better and run longer between battery changes, resulting in more productive time. With fewer battery changes, you save on spare batteries, chargers, and charging racks, streamlining your operation.

Maximizing Productivity

Bringing More Power to Your Shifts

Our IRONCLAD® batteries use special square tube technology, giving them 84% more positive plate surface area. Combined with our industry-leading amp-hour capacity ratings, these batteries deliver higher sustained voltages than conventional batteries to extend your lift truck, helping your fleet work harder and making your operations more productive and profitable.



As the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, EnerSys® has long developed technologies to help material handlers maximize productivity and profitability. That includes the exclusive square tube technology  of our IRONCLAD® batteries, which have been helping thousands of operations optimize vehicle fleet efficiency for over a century.

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