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At Total Warehouse we are firm believers in the idea of working smart, not hard. Utilizing the right fork rotator can transform your operation into a well oiled machine, while reducing wasted time and effort from your staff. Our staff of Warehouse Experts have the know-how and resources to provide the perfect rotator attachment for your application.

  • 360º rotation capabilities
  • Fast, High-torque rotation
  • Increased material control
  • Fork-fixing system
  • Steel-reinforced protection
  • Protection from Dust/Heat

When there is a job to be done

Count on these fork rotator attachments

For industries where fork rotation is key element of their matierial handling process, having an attachment malfunction could mean extreme safety hazards and massive losses in production. We provide only the most trustworthy, industry-tested rotators for our customers because we understand your exact needs. Whether you require a full rotation to empty a bin, or want a precises pour in a foundry environment, these attachments are built to get the job done, over and over again. Protection from harmful elements found in the warehouse environment (such as dirt and heat) have been engineered into these attachments to keep your operation running smooth.

Your Industry. Your Solution.

You should never have to sacrifice production because your forklift attachment is less than optimal for your material handling needs. Every industry requires a specific set of tools to get their work done. Our massive selection of rotators and other forklift attachments ensures you'll always have the right tool for the job!

Trusted build and production.

Steel protected reinforcement? Check. Precision welding of carriage to frame? Check. Brilliant engineering to ensure sturdy, comfortable operation, while also not hindering regular fork activity? You bet!

We know exactly what you need

Our Warehouse Experts have spent decades learning exactly what material handling equipment works for virtually every industry type. Equally important: We also know what doesn't work in your industry. Give us a call today and chat with someone from our team. We constantly hear from our customers that we saved them hundreds or thousands of dollars from an up-sell attempt by our competitors. This is because we don't sell equipment, we sell solutions for your warehouse needs.

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The warehouse experts at TOTAL WAREHOUSE have decades of experience with every type of industry and operation. We know the exact equipment and storage system combination needed to increase your output. Give us a call and let's grow your business together.

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