Ensure Safe Movement of Sensitive Goods With the Use of Carton Clamp Attachments

KOOI® ReachForks

Forklift Attachments

Enhance the efficiency of your lift truck by using Cascade-KOOI Hydraulic Reachforks® or Hydraulic Fork Extensions. These long extendable forks enhance forklift trucks, providing versatility and cost savings. They convert standard lift trucks into single or double-deep reach trucks, optimizing space and storage. These Reachforks® stay on the forklift truck so that businesses can save time, space, and money.

  • Extend/Retract to Pallet Length
  • Manage 1 or 2 Pallets at a Time
  • Faster Loading/Unloading
  • Cab-Operated Controls
  • Reduced Damage Risk Due to Adjustable Length of Reach Forks
  • Savings by Reducing Distance Traveled

KOOI® ReachForks

Added Versatility & Cost-Savings

KOOI® ReachForks enhance forklift trucks, providing versatility and cost savings. They convert standard lift trucks into single or double-deep reach trucks, optimizing space and storage. Ideal for one-sided loading/unloading, they enhance safety and efficiency, reducing time, fuel, and labor expenses. Reachforks accommodate diverse pallet sizes without damage, while doubling transport capacity, potentially cutting internal transport costs by up to 50%.

Hydraulic Reachforks®

Extend Your Reach & Efficiency

Maximize lift truck efficiency with Cascade-KOOi Hydraulic Reachforks® and Hydraulic Fork Extensions. Telescopic Forks enable one-sided loading and unloading for faster operations. Optimize warehouse space with double-deep racking and adjustable fork lengths for long or multiple pallet depths.

  • Double-deep stacking
  • One-sided (un)loading
  • Multi pallet handling
  • Dual-pallet handling
  • Heavy-duty forks

Manual Extension Forks

Less Complexity, More Impact

Provides a permanent solution for forklift trucks, eliminating the need for traditional fork extensions. This innovative design saves time, space, and money, particularly suitable for low-usage scenarios.

  • Remain mounted on the forklift truck - always available for the driver.
  • Engineered for easy extension and retraction.
  • Extends with just one simple movement.
  • No hydraulics or loose parts to connect.
  • Low maintenance costs.

KOOI® ReachForks

Efficient & Versatile

KOOI® ReachForks enhance forklift trucks' versatility, leading to cost savings. They convert conventional lift trucks into single or double-deep reach trucks, improving space utilization and storage density.

KOOI® ReachForks

1/2 Internal Transport Costs

Easy loading/unloading trailers or rail cars from one side, enhancing safety and reducing time, fuel, and labor costs. Handle various pallet sizes safely and quickly, preventing damage. Additionally, they can halve internal transport costs by enabling the transport of two loads at once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most often used for double-deep stacking, one sided loading of trucks and trains, for dual load transport and as extensions when a variety of different pallet sizes are used. Hydraulic extendable lift truck forks are controlled by the lift truck driver without leaving the forklift cage.

Offer an alternative to hydraulic extendable forks for applications with infrequent need, budget limitations or those without the ability to add extra hydraulics to their lift trucks. Variable fork length is always available when needed, they are easy to use and virtually maintenance free.

These slide over the existing lift truck forks adding additional length of a fixed size. Usage is recommended for applications with very infrequent need for different fork length.


KOOI® Double-deep stacking is mainly used on warehouse trucks like on Reachtruck, Narrow aisle (articulated) forklifts etc. These single-range cylinder telescopic forks are ideal for double-deep pallet storage.

KOOI® One-sided (un)loading is mainly used on counterbalanced lift trucks. These double cylinder telescopic forks are ideal for one-sided loading and unloading of trucks, trains etc.

KOOI® Multi-Pallet Handling are ultra-narrow telescopic forks use a single cylinder for each tine and are ideal for handling beverage.

KOOI® Dual-Pallet handling are mainly used on counterbalance and reachtrucks for variable lenghts and to transport two pallets at a time. Telescopic forks can also be used as KOOI® Hydraulic Fork Extensions allowing for improved safety and material handling efficiency.

KOOI® Heavy-Duty Forks are maily used on heavy counterbalance and side-loaders forklift trucks.These telescopic forks are specially designed for use on heavy lift trucks with capacities of more than 10.500 kg.



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Hydraulic & Manual ReachforksLoad Center Capacity at (24") lbsMtg. ClassEffective Thickness (in)Blade Thickness (in)Fork Width (in)Shank Width (in)Fork Length - Retracted (in)Fork Length - Extended (in)Stroke (in)Horizontal Ctr. of Gravity - HCG1 (in)Horizontal Ctr. of Gravity - HCG2 (in)Vertical Ctr. of Gravity - HCG1 (in)Weight (Per Pair) lbs

KOOI® ReachForks Products

Meijer Handling Solutions provides a wide range of telescopic forks such as hydraulic extendable forks, manually extendable forks, vertical mast height extensions, telescoping jib cranes and more. Each fork attachments offer individual characteristics designed to provide specific cost-saving application solutions.




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