Increase Productivity With the Lift-Rite Ergo-Lift


Ergo Lift & Skid lifter

Ergo-Lift is the Missing Link between a Lift Table, a Pallet Truck and a Forklift. There will be an immediate increase in productivity while reducing the chance of injury on the job. Costs decrease due to increased production with this ergonomic lift. The Electric powered scissor lift table is designed for applications where raising and lowering are more frequent. The Manual pump lift table features manual Quick-Lift with easy positioning for a wide variety of applications.

  • Electric & Manual Available
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Capacity: 3,000 lbs
  • Fork Width: 7.00 inches
  • Low Height: 3.25 inches
  • Raised Height: 31.50 inches
  • Wheel Diameter: 8.00 inches
  • Roller Diameter: 3.00 inches


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Comfort Never Worked So Hard

Work ergonomically and comfortably

With its portable, ergonomic load positioning and load lifting, the Ergo-Lift helps you to work ergonomically and comfortably. Whether you prefer the electric or manual truck, each one is compatible with open bottom pallets/ skids so your workflow keeps moving.

  • Both models come with a quick-lift feature to reduce pump strokes.
  • The electric model has a push button operated lift.
  • The electric model can easily maneuver in a lowered position and lock itself in place to remain stationary.
  • It also comes with a deep cycle battery and built-in charger.

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Do not operate this ERGONOMIC 3000 truck unless you are authorized and trained to do so.
• Never overload your ERGONOMIC 3000 truck. Stay within its rated capacity.
• Do not operate this truck if damaged or not in proper working order.
• Distribute the load evenly on the forks. Do not concentrate loads at one point or load one fork more than the other.
• When the load impairs visibility, the ERGONOMIC 3000 truck should be pulled and not pushed.
• Always look where you are operating. Keep a clear view.
• Only handle loads on flat level surfaces. Do not use a loaded truck on inclines or declines.
• Never carry passengers.


Do not place the center of your load beyond the load center of the ERGONOMIC 3000.
• Never put your feet, hands, or any other body part under the scissors or frame assembly.
• Always yield the right of way to pedestrians.
• Do not allow the ERGONOMIC 3000 to drop from one level to another. Even a drop of 1 in. (25 mm) more
than doubles the effective load momentarily and results in a loading that can bend or break components.
• Move loads only with the ERGONOMIC 3000 in its lowest position.
• Always make sure that the load is stable before moving to eliminate the opportunity for load shift.
• Use extreme care when rounding corners. Too fast a speed could cause an ERGONOMIC 3000 truck to tip. If
loaded, the load could shift and fall.
• When not in use, fully lower the forks.
• Electric ERGONOMIC 3000 must be charged in a well ventilated area. Always use the charger provided.
Never use jumper cables as these can cause sparks that could ignite the explosive gases normally released
by the battery during charging.
• Stabilizer engages to limit movement in raised position and should not be tampered with.

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Electric Ergo-Lift

Capacity: 3,000 LBS   //   Lowered Height: 3″   //   Raised Height: 31.5″   //   Fork Width: 7″   //   Weight: 430-480 LBS

Lift-Rite Model #Power TypeWidthLengthBuy 1Buy 3Buy 10+my quantity
EE11LY00-000Electric27"48"$3,499$3,449$3,399[enh_ajax_add_to_cart_button product=7727 variation=7730 title=none ]
EE21LY00-000Electric21"48"$3,590$3,549$3,449[enh_ajax_add_to_cart_button product=7727 variation=7729 title=none ]
EB1HLY00-000Electric27"60"$3,599$3,549$3,499[enh_ajax_add_to_cart_button product=7727 variation=7728 title=none ]

Manual Ergo-Lift

Capacity: 3,000 LBS   //   Lowered Height: 3″   //   Raised Height: 31.5″   //   Fork Width: 7″   //   Weight: 330-340 LBS

Lift-Rite ModelPower TypeWidthLengthBuy 1Buy 3Buy 10+my quantity
EM11LY00-000Manual27"48"$2,099$2,049$1,999[enh_ajax_add_to_cart_button product=7732 variation=7735 title=none ]
EM21LY00-000Manual21"48"$2,149$2,099$2,049[enh_ajax_add_to_cart_button product=7732 variation=7734 title=none ]

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