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Standard Hand Pallet Trucks

Our Hand Pallet Trucks have been manufactured by Lifrite Mfg. Liftrite is the largest manufacturer if Hand Pallet Trucks in North America. With our hand Pallet Truck you always get the same high quality along with easy maintenance and we back it up with the best warranty in the industry. Our Exclusive TWO YEAR PUMP WARRANTY.

  • Hand Control Lift/Lower
  • 210 Degree Steering
  • 5,500 lb Capacity
  • Precision Welded Pump
  • Standard and Low Profile Sizes
  • Reinforced Fork Design
  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • Effortless Pallet Entry/Exit


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Keeps You Moving

Easier Steering, Smooth Travel

  • High quality wheels, rollers and ball bearings
  • Loop design for comfort and safety
  • New design improves performance and reliability
  • Fork tip design provides smooth pallet transition
  • The unit is equipped with rugged black nylon wheels and steel load rollers
  • Fingertip controls provide convenient access to lift, lower and keep the truck in neutral
  • Get more done with less. The simplified pumps has fewer parts
  • Durable powder coat paint finish


Manufacturer Lift-Rite
Series Titan Hand Pallet Truck - Premier Series
Chassis Steel
Roller suspension Steel and cast Iron
Bushing Brass
Grease fittings Steel
Rollers Nylon, polyurethane, steel
Hydraulic body Cast iron
Thrust plate Cast iron
Handle Steel
Wheel Nylon, polyurethane, steel
Hydraulic oil Disposal in accordance with local regulations
Assembly parts Steel, brass, nylon

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Lift-Rite Hand Pallet Trucks

STANDARD TITAN SERIES Capacity (lbs.) / W x L Lowered/Raised Height PRICE
LCR55-A48 (Most Popular) 5,500lbs. / 27in. x 48in. 3" Lowered to 7.75" Raised Height $424 + Tax
LCR55-A42 5,500lbs. / 27in. x 42in. 3" Lowered to 7.75" Raised Height $424 + Tax
LCR55-A36 5,500lbs. / 27in. x 36in. 3" Lowered to 7.75" Raised Height $424 + Tax
LCR55-B42 5,500lbs. / 20.5in. x 42in 3" Lowered to 7.75" Raised Height $424 + Tax
LCR55-B48 5,500lbs. / 20.5in. x 48in. 3" Lowered to 7.75" Raised Height $424 + Tax
LCU4W-33X48 5,000lbs. / 33in. x 48in. 1.75" Lowered to 6.75" Raised Height $724 + Tax
LCUUF-29x48 3,000lbs. / 29in. x 48in. 1.75" Lowered to 6.75" Raised Height $724 + Tax

Operating Instruction

(Read and understand prior to using this product)

The neutral position disengages the pump from the lifting mechanism. This frees the handle, which makes pulling loads much easier. In addition, the pump is not subject to shock pressures while the truck is in motion.

Safety Procedures

Never overload your hand pallet truck. Stay within rated capacity.

● Do not operate this truck if damaged or not in proper working order.
● Distribute the load evenly on the forks, do not concentrate loads at one point or load one fork more than the other.
● Only handle loads on flat level surfaces. Do not use this truck with load on inclines or declines.
● Never put your feet, hands or any other body part under the frame assembly.
● Do not allow your hand pallet truck to drop from one level to another. Even a drop of 1” (25mm) more than doubles the effective load momentarily and results in a “Shock” which can bend or break components.
● Always ensure load is stable before moving to eliminate opportunity for load shift.
● When not in use, lower forks completely to avoid injury.



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