Pallet Flow Racking

Gravity Flow System

Ideal where pallets are being handled where space is at a premium and perfect for product that have expiration dates. These easy to load and pick systems enable easy handling of products to feed production, conveyors, packaging, assembly and many other areas that require easy access to various products FAST!

  • 2 Deep Structure
  • Includes Rails & Beams
  • Floor Mount System
  • 3 Each Tracks/Lanes
  • Each Bay is 8 ft Wide
  • Designed for 48x40 Pallets

Personalize your inventory flow.

Custom design to optimize your output.

Add double, triple, or quadruple the inventory in your current warehouse space by converting from a traditional pallet setup into an optimized pallet flow system. Many of our customers transfer their operation into a pallet flow system because they offer consolidated picking and reduced travel times. These pallet flow systems also allow you to reduce your equipment fleet size and are perfect for time sensitive inventory.

More inventory in less space

Maximizing your warehouse space is the key to a successful operation. You can't afford to waste space on anything other than storing inventory. Pallet flow systems are perfectly designed to fit massive amounts of inventory in a relatively small area.

A Genius Concept

Advances in modern technology keep pushing the limits of inventory management. Industry-leading companies are rethinking the concepts and best practices for material handling. Pallet flow systems are a brilliant method for your stock when it comes to improving access to a massive quantity of the same CPU.

Stock more. Stock Upward!

Every inch of space between your warehouse floor and ceiling must be used to handle inventory or your storage operation is not optimal. Together with our Warehouse Experts, your facility can be easily transformed into a well-oiled material handling system.

Supply chain the smart way

Many of the changes necessary to improve your operation can be handled over the phone or through email. Our Warehouse Experts have decades of experience with every industry so they can tell you exactly what works (and doesn't work) for your facility size and storage goals. Contact us today and let's grow your business together!

Space Optimization

Increase Productivity

Excellent space optimization method with its deep-lane capacity and easy access to all pallets from the pick face. Fewer aisles are required to store close to double the pallet positions, saving space and increasing productivity from less travel time to load and pick.

  • Double Your Storage Capacity in Same Footprint
  • Efficient Storage of High Volume/Low SKU Products
  • Ideal for High-Volume, Case-Pick Applications

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