Do Heavy Lifting With Single Double Forks

Single Double Fork

Multi Pallet Handler Attachments

When heavy lifting is needed, these incredible multi pallet handler attachments answer the call. Industry-leading companies requiring beverage inventory handling turn to single double forks to move more pallets in less time to boost their overall production. The top brands in soft drinks, bottled water, breweries, brick, stone and tile all rely on these awesome, reliable attachments to keep their stock moving.

  • Enhanced Stable Pallet Transport
  • Synchronized Fork Flow Divider
  • Engineered for the Highest Visibility
  • Lowest Lifetime Cost

Advanced Capabilities

For Advanced Warehouse Production

The beverage industry would run at a snail's pace without these advances in multi pallet handling technology. Our customers love single double fork attachments because they are provided with increased flexibility from the attachment's dual-mounting concept, Synchronized fork movement, constant side-shift range, and hydraulically powered adjustments. Together with our Warehouse Experts, our beverage handling customers have stepped up the output performance in their storage facilities.

Trusted Strength

Work like the type done by these multi pallet handlers should especially not be left up to inferior materials manufactured by shady providers. At TOTAL WAREHOUSE, we pride ourselves on stepping into the shoes of our customers and providing exactly the products and services that we'd want if we were in your position. That is why we don't sell the slightly cheaper, considerably lower-quality products you may find from our competitors. We sell the good stuff so you can buy it once and trust that it will work for you for years and years to come.

Customized Technology

If your industry requires specialized attachments for your fleet of forklifts, you've come to the right place the Warehouse Experts at TOTAL WAREHOUSE have decades of experience with every combination of forklift and attachment you could possibly dream up! So let us help you find your exact perfect warehouse asset today!

Keep Your Operation Moving

No matter your location, industry, or company size, success is defined by your warehouse's ability to handle inventory at a moment's notice. Outfit your operation with the best tools for the job: in this case, equip your forklifts with multi pallet handling forks to move more material quickly.

Why move 1 pallet when you can move 3 !?!

We are as amazed by the capabilities of these multi pallet handlers as you are! The name of the game in material handling is safe, fast movement. These awesome attachments make safe, fast movement easier than ever before.



Total Warehouse has a massive rental fleet ready to be delivered to your business at a moment's notice. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates that allow you to maximize operations at the bare minimum cost. We have you covered with the top material handling products for operational optimization that is customized to your specific needs.

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The warehouse experts at TOTAL WAREHOUSE have decades of experience with every type of industry and operation. We know the exact equipment and storage system combination needed to increase your output. Give us a call and let's grow your business together.

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