Get Full Visibility of Your Load With Push-Pull Forklift Attachments

Slip-Sheet Push-Pull

Forklift Attachments

Easily transform your conventional forklift into a specialized handler of loads on slip-sheets with TOTAL WAREHOUSE's push-pull attachments. Operating these incredible warehouse enhancers is super simple. Best of all, these attachments are designed specifically to provide the operator with full visibility of their load while at work.

  • Well-built, sturdy linkage
  • Tilting feature for push plate
  • Easy to connect/disconnect
  • Hydraulically adjustable outer platens

No Pallet? No Problem!

Grab any load on a slipsheet with ease

These Slip Sheet Push-Pull attachments provided by TOTAL WAREHOUSE are crazy easy to operate and amazing to see in action. When you have non-palletized inventory on a slip sheet, the operator simply drives up the the load, uses the sheet gripper jaw to clamp down on the slip-sheet, engages the attachment to retract, pulling the load onto the platens and is then ready to move! The included side-shifting and tilting functionality of these attachments make them easy to use so you can grab your inventory and go!

Elevated loads? No Problem.

Every company in every industry is unique. Your inventory and material handling needs are just as unique. Because we strongly believe in this principle, we have dedicated ourselves to offering a huge variety in every type of material handling. This is true with our attachments. Our warehouse experts want to learn exactly what your operation application is, so we can better provide you with the perfect attachments to give you all the features you need, and none that you don't!

No sweat operation

The learning curve on our push-pull attachments is very short because of their simple, effective design. Plus, when you buy through TOTAL WAREHOUSE, you are guaranteed to have one of our warehouse experts always on call to help guide you on any help you may need! Every part of these attachments are built with the highest grade materials and to the highest standards in the industry. At TOTAL WAREHOUSE, we pride ourselves on stepping into the shoes of our customers and providing exactly the products and services that we'd want if we were in your position. That is why we don't sell the slightly cheaper, considerably lower-quality products you may find from our competitors. We sell the good stuff so you can buy it once and trust that it will work for you for years and years to come.

Side Shift to success

A crucial part of handling a load of inventory on a slip-sheet with a push-pull attachment is the need for control. If you don't have a solid grip of the slip-sheet, or if there is fear the load is being moved off balanced, the process of moving material becomes slow, ineffective, and dangerous. To make sure this is not a problem, use the attachment's side-shifting feature to better control your inventory through the whole handling process. Industry leaders love these slip-sheet push-pull attachments because they retain a flexibility to handle inventory material off pallets if needed, which many industries require.

quantity discount
ModelCapacity (lbs)Load Center (in)Platen Size (in)Stroke (in)Platen Out To Out (in)Push Plate (in)Effective Thickness (in)Min Carriage Width (in)Horizontal Load Center (in)Vertical Load Center (in)Weight (lbs)my quantity
PFZE035S1548-34W 35002415 x 4849.333.939.4 x 39.87.733.79.411.6773
PFZE035S1548-40W35002415 x 4849.333.139.4 x 39.87.733.79.411.6773
PFZE045S1548-34W 45002415 x 4849.333.939.4 x 39.87.733.79.612795
PFZE045S1548-40W 45002415 x 4849.333.139.4 x 39.87.733.79.612795
PFZE045S1548-34WB 45002415 x 4849.333.939.4 x 39.88.9361012.2852
PFZE045S1548-40WB 45002415 x 4849.333.139.4 x 39.88.9361012.2852
PLZE035S1548-34W 35002415 x 4849.333.97.733.79.311.8684
PLZE035S1548-40W 35002415 x 4849.333.17.733.79.311.8684
PLZE045S1548-34W 45002415 x 4849.333.97.733.79.412706
PLZE045S1548-40W 45002415 x 4849.333.17.733.79.412706
PLZE045S1548-34WB 45002415 x 4849.333.97.7369.812.4763
PLZE045S1548-40WB 45002415 x 4849.333.17.7369.812.4763
PANH035A1548 35002415 or 18 x 4849.334 - 4239.4 x 39.87.53411.58.31144
PANH045A1548 45002415 or 18 x 4849.334 - 4239.4 x 39.87.53411.68.31148
PANH045B154845002415 or 18 x 4849.334 - 4239.4 x 39.89.43412.510.11296
PASH035A154835002415 or 18 x 4849.334 - 4239.4 x 39.87.53411.58.21148
PASH045A154845002415 or 18 x 4849.334 - 4239.4 x 39.87.53411.68.41152
PASH045B154845002415 or 18 x 4849.334 - 4239.4 x 39.89.43412.5101300

Push Pull

Food, Beverage and Construction

Push-pulls allow you to handle goods with slip sheets instead of wooden pallets. Substituting a wooden pallet by an inexpensive slip sheet will help you decrease maintenance costs, storage area and damaged stock due to old and damaged pallets. Push-pulls are commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, construction, to name but a few. The push-pull attachment is only available for forklifts.

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