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Big Joe LXE-44

Lithium Electric Forklift

Say goodbye to replacing propane tanks and watering your old electric forklift batteries. TOTAL WAREHOUSE & BIG JOE have teamed up to offer the incredible ALL NEW LXE-44 Lithium Battery Electric Forklift. These warehouse workhorses provide the same dependable output you count on from a BIG JOE lift, but now they are powered with a clean, waterless battery cores. Downtime during working shifts is a thing of the past with the LXE-44’s easy rapid plug-and-charge energy system.

  • Clean LITHIUM electric battery
  • Charges in 2 hours
  • Easy Plug-N-Charge system
  • Up to 4,400 LBS lift capacity


Lithium batteries charge faster and last longer

Our engineers understand lifting power is integral to a forklift’s overall value, so they’ve included an energy output management system to ensure your LXE-44 remains reliable from start to finish of a job. For years our customers have demanded an electric lift that doesn’t require watering… and now there is an answer: The LXE-44!


The LXE-44 stands head and shoulders above other electric forklifts simply because its battery charges faster and last longer than conventional electric lifts.

Easiest Charger in the Biz

The LXE-44's charging system is super simple and easy to use. The unit has a charging plug port that opens on one side so you can simply plug it in after a shift and let it charge,

Never bother with the battery

Conventional electric forklifts have large, inconvenient batteries that require a watering service to keep them operational and safe. If you've ever dealt with an electric lift, you know that this process is less-than-enjoyable. The LXE-44's incredible lithium battery requires no watering or service of any kind. You never really even have to look at it!

Intuitive energy data

Power consistency is an area of concern for electric forklift operators. Conventional electric lifts lose output as their battery lowers in power. Not the LXE-44. This truck runs like new until your shift is done!

Save time. Save Space

The LXE-44 charges in about 2 hours, and lasts longer on one charge than conventional electric forklifts.

Good to go in any conditions


complete project management

total engineering

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Make Big Joe
Model LXE-44
Type Lithium Electric Forklift
Capacity 4,400 LBS
Lift Height 118"
Power Type Clean Lithium Electric

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