The Average Costs of Forklift Rentals

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By : NashBernardo

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If you plan on establishing a warehouse for your business, a forklift is an indispensable tool. It helps you and your workers load and unload pallets and boxes quickly, safely, and efficiently. This makes sorting products and packages a breeze.

Over 18.7% of customers want their deliveries to be fast, and over 13% of them also refuse to buy from sellers who deliver their products late. With how important fast delivery is to customers, your warehouse needs to have a forklift.

As important as forklifts are, they can get quite pricey. A standard electric forklift can cost at least $20,000 brand new, battery and charger excluded. If you can’t afford a unit yet, you can always rent one from a warehouse forklift rental company.

The biggest factor in the price of your forklift rental is its carrying capacity. Here are the costs you should expect for each capacity.


Low-capacity forklifts are the smallest ones in the market. They’re capable of lifting around 3,000 to 5,000 lbs. As such, they’re the most affordable to rent. Our sit-down electric forklifts cost around $160 a day to rent. Our stand-up electric forklifts, on the other hand, start at $150 daily to rent.


These are larger and more powerful, as they can lift around 10,000 lbs. They naturally cost more than their low-capacity counterparts. Our medium capacity sit-down forklifts cost around $175 daily to rent, around $499 weekly, and $1150 monthly.


If you deal with large appliances and construction materials, you may want to get a large-capacity forklift. These are the largest ones in the industry. They can lift to 30,000 lbs. As such, they’re the most expensive ones in the industry. Our large capacity electric forklift costs $225 to rent out daily, $525 weekly, and $1385 monthly.

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What Capacity Should You Get?

The forklift capacity you should get depends on your cargo and how fast you want to move them. For example, if you’re only moving small items like plastic cups, you’ll be able to get them from point A to B quickly and easily with a low-capacity forklift.

If you want to carry more of these small packages quickly and easily, shell in more money for a medium-capacity forklift.

If you stock large equipment and appliances like refrigerators and television sets, medium to large capacity forklifts are your best bets. You should never cheap out and get a forklift that’s rated below your cargo capacity. They’ll operate slower than usual, and you could even break them.

Now that you know the prices of different forklift capacities, all you need to do is find one that suits your warehouse’s needs.

Get the Right Forklift for Your Needs

If you’re looking for a high-quality forklift to rent, head over to Total Warehouse. We offer a variety of forklift types for different applications. Whether you need one to fulfill small orders for your e-commerce business or lift large container vans, we’ve got just the lift for you.

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