Linde 1355 Order Picker

Linde V15 Series 1355 | 5215 is designed for fast, precise, and comfortable picking processes for any working height and aisle width like high reac...
Linde 346 3 Wheel Electric Forklift
The Linde 346 Series E18 / E20 3-wheel electric forklift incorporate a full range of advanced technologies for maximized comfort, efficiency, and e...
Linde 346 4W 4 Wheel Electric Forklift
The Linde 346 4W Series All Terrain Forklift incorporate a full range of advanced technologies that raise the standards for comfort, efficiency, th...
Linde 1347 4-Wheel Electric Forklift
Rugged durability paired with highly reliable internal components makes the Linde 1347 4 Wheel a dependable workhouse for the widest variety of app...
Linde 388 4-Wheel Electric Forklift
The Linde 388 counterbalance forklifts incorporate a full range of advanced technologies for maximized comfort, efficiency, and economy of operatio...
The Linde 1252 Forklift Series is a powerhouse performer with its compact yet powerful design. The high quality & low cost electric forklift is...
Linde 5231 Swing Reach Truck Turret Truck
VNA warehouses enhance workflow efficiency, greater throughput, and high pallet storage density. The Linde VNA 5231 turret truck enables high turna...
Linde 5231 Swing Reach Truck Turret Truck
VNA warehouses enhance workflow efficiency, greater throughput, and high pallet storage density. The Linde VNA 5231 turret truck enables high turna...
Linde 5195 Reach Truck
The Linde 5195 series single and double deep reach trucks are designed for fast handling in high rack warehouses to ensure extremely efficient oper...

Linde Forklifts

Linde: Power & Versatility for Every Material Handling Need

Welcome to the world of Linde Material Handling, your solution for cutting-edge, efficient material handling & where innovation meets precision. As a global leader in forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, Linde has been revolutionizing intralogistics for over 50 years. Our forklifts and heavy equipment, powered by innovative industrial technology, ensure top-notch performance and customer confidence.

Benefit from up to 40% savings on operating costs, thanks to efficient energy management.

Linde forklifts are more than 22% more productive than their closest competitor.


Reach New Heights w/ Tugger Forklifts, Lithium Powered, LPG Propane, & More

Our largest west coast fleet of Linde forklifts and equipment features a wide array of electric of lithium battery powered forklifts, LPG propane forklifts, pallet jacks, and specialty lift trucks along with multiple attachments to support your applications. Linde’s forklift trucks are the unsung heroes of warehouses, production sites, and outdoor areas. Versatile and powerful, they effortlessly transport and handle goods, ensuring seamless operations. Whether you need electric or diesel-powered forklifts, Linde has you covered. These trucks are meticulously crafted, keeping operators in mind.


New & Used Forklifts for Sale/Rent/Lease:

Here are some highlights from the product line:

1. 346 Series Electric Sit-Down Rider: Ideal for various applications

2. 1355 Series Order Picker: Perfect for precise picking tasks

3. 1346 Series Stand-Up Electric Counterbalanced Truck: Maneuverability meets power

4. 5195 Series Stand Up Reach Forklift: Fast handling & efficient

5. 5231 Series VNA Turret Truck: Ideal for Narrow Aisle Applications

6. 1101 Series Electric Walkie/Rider Truck: Versatile & efficient.

7. 1202 Series Pneumatic Propane Forklift: Unparalleled capabilities w/ meticulous ergonomics

8. 1252 Series Electric Counterbalance Forklift: A powerhouse performer in compact design

Energy Options: Choose between lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries, tailored to your business needs.


Forklift Truck Fleet Management and Automation

Linde doesn’t stop at forklifts. Their cutting-edge automation solutions redefine efficiency. The MATIC series includes electric forklifts, pallet trucks, and tow tractors. These models come equipped with intelligent navigation and safety technology.

Linde-Connect Fleet Management transforms your warehouse with interconnected forklifts. Get real-time production-to-warehouse updates for unparalleled operational efficiency and accessibility. Whether you prefer automated or manual control, Linde has the answer.


Upgrade Your Linde Forklift with Real Linde Forklift Parts

Maximize the performance and longevity of your Linde forklift with our comprehensive selection of genuine Linde forklift parts. We understand that your material handling equipment is a significant investment, and using the correct parts is crucial for optimal operation and minimizing downtime. That’s why we offer a vast inventory of high-quality Linde parts, designed and manufactured to meet your forklift’s exacting standards.


Genuine Linde Parts: Your Advantage

✅ Uncompromising Performance: Maintain your forklift’s power, efficiency, and precision with parts designed to work seamlessly with its engineering.

✅ Superior Reliability: Minimize breakdowns and costly repairs with parts built to withstand demanding warehouse environments.

✅ Extending Lifespan: Protect your investment and maximize your forklift’s working life by using genuine Linde components.

Linde’s warehouse equipment is a symphony of precision. From pallet trucks to order pickers, each piece is meticulously designed. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Pallet Trucks: Efficient material handling with various load capacities.

2. Order Pickers: Streamlined picking processes for optimal productivity.

3. Tow Tractors: Seamless movement of goods within your facility.


Linde’s Services and Beyond

Linde’s commitment extends beyond equipment. They offer:

✅ Fleet Management Software: Optimize your fleet’s performance.

✅ Driver Assistance Systems: Enhance safety and efficiency.

✅ Financing Offers: Tailored financial solutions.

✅ Operator Training: Empower your team.

Linde’s modular system allows customization. With around 80 series and 9,000 equipment options, you can create the perfect fleet for your specific needs. Whether it’s transport, storage, or stacking, Linde has your back.

Discover the Linde advantage today. Get on the fast track to efficiency. Request your quote now!

Remember, when it comes to intralogistics, Linde Material Handling sets the standard. Join the revolution!