The Smart Move for Optimizing a Logistics Warehouse

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By : Art

Choose the right order picker for your warehouse application

Logistics warehouses are in a constant race against the clock. Sure, virtually every warehouse operation has some element of time-sensitive fulfillment urgency, of course. But the prime function of a logistics warehouse is timely item fulfillment. That’s their thing… their reason for existing.

So, as you might assume, in a facility conceived for moving inventory in and out quickly, every little part of the picking process must work at optimal efficiency. How quickly do you move material off the delivery truck and through the loading dock? How easily do you get that inventory into the proper storage aisle and up vertically to its final placement location? How many different staff members and different types of equipment need to handle (or “touch”) that material to get it to and from its final position? All this needs to be measured, adjusted, perfected, and streamlined for a logistics warehouse to stay afloat.

Many warehouse facilities use improper equipment to handle their material and overspend on staff effort to make up for that equipment’s shortcomings. The truth is that if the equipment is properly selected to fit the application needs of the warehouse, then more inventory will get moved in shorter turnaround times with less wasted staff effort.

Check out this video showing how a real logistics warehouse has streamlined its operation using a fleet of Big Joe J2 Joey order pickers:


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