Ensure Safe Movement of Sensitive Goods With the Use of Carton Clamp Attachments

Carton Clamp

Forklift Attachments

Moving household appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, and televisions is made super easy if you have the right carton clamp attachment. Production sites and logistics centers use carton clamps and other clamp forklift attachments to easily handle inventory regardless of its pick or place location. These clamps are expertly engineered and designed to ensure your sensitive goods are not damaged in the moving process.

  • Rigid frame structure
  • Large surface aluminium pads
  • Single piece double T-profile
  • High-friction vulcanized rubber lining
  • Handles White Goods/Appliances
  • Safe/damage-free handling

Clamp more. Worry Less

The perfect attachment for your operation.

Industry -leading companies love our huge range of side shifting single and double-wide carton clamps because they know they will get the exact attachment for their needs. Built with a rigid frame structure, a high-visibility design, and a special high-friction vulcanized rubber lining for increased positive grip, our carton clamps stand alone at the top of their class.

Do more with less

More production with less effort: That is the name of the game. These carton clamp attachments allow you to handle more material and waste less time processing orders.

Handling Rolls?

Handling paper rolls and other roll material can be a very tough and slow operation. There are thousands of unique roll shapes to be handled, and if you do not have the right clamp for the job, your bottom line could be in big trouble. Work with our Warehouse Experts to find the perfect roll clamp for your application and never deal with inadequate equipment!

We know exactly what you need!

Our Warehouse Experts have spent decades learning exactly what material handling equipment works for virtually every industry type. Equally important: We also know what doesn't work in your industry. Give us a call today and chat with someone from our team. We constantly hear from our customers that we saved them hundreds or thousands of dollars from an up-sell attempt by our competitors. This is because we don't sell equipment, we sell solutions for your warehouse needs.

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The warehouse experts at TOTAL WAREHOUSE have decades of experience with every type of industry and operation. We know the exact equipment and storage system combination needed to increase your output. Give us a call and let's grow your business together.

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