Increase Product Storage per Square Foot With Our Double Deep Racks

Double Deep Racking

High Product Turnover

Similar to standard seelctive racking, but pallets are now stored two rows deep instead of one. This type of racking requires specialized pallet handling equipment using either a specialized forklift or a standard unit with a double deep handling attachment

  • Maximizing the floor space
  • Increase storage density
  • Increasing floor space by 60-65%
  • Fraction of the cost
  • Reduced aisle-widths
  • Faster pallet handling times

Double Deep Pallet Rack

Warehouse Storage Systems

Our Double Deep Rack systems are the most economic and provides the lowest cost to practically double your current product storage per square foot. With our expertise in designing an ideal layout, this easy to use system will allow you to store 2 pallets deep in areas where only one rack fit before. With this systems and The proper Double Deep Reach equipment or kit, this is the ideal system to increase storage effectively at a practical cost.


Valuable Investment

Double Deep Value

Double Deep Racking Systems require the use of a double deep reach truck or a reach extension kit to handle pallets. Yes that is an investment, but think of how quickly that price would be offset with the increase in inventory per square foot in your warehouse!


Optimize Storage Density

Double Deep. Double Volume.

Double Deep Racking Systems allow you to optimize your storage density. Having 2 Pallet positions lined up together means you are not wasting valuable warehouse space with aisles.


FILO Method

First In - Last Out

Double Deep Racking Systems employ a first-in-last-out material picking method. Pallets are loaded and unloaded from the front using lift trucks, allowing direct access to all pallets without requiring the movement of others.


Operation Optimization!

Boost Output

Real estate prices continue to soar. To boost output without expanding your warehouse, opt for a tailored pallet racking system that maximizes vertical space and minimizes aisle width.
Stay just as productive our incredible VNA equipment.


Rack Project Process

4 Easy Steps

1. YOU CALL. The first step in the journey towards your incredible new warehouse storage system starts by contacting Total Warehouse.
2. WE ENGINEER. No engineering project is too big or small for Total Warehouse.
3. WE DELIVER. We have a massive stock of all uprights, beams, and decking. Your project will never be stalled by waiting on shipments.
4. WE INSTALL. Our installation teams are professional, punctual, and well-equipped to handle any potential obstacles that may arise during your project.

Double Deep Value


Double deep pallet racking provides 30-40% more pallet locations compared to single entry shelving, while ensuring 50% product accessibility at all times. Its compact design optimizes warehouse space, striking a favorable balance between storage capacity and accessibility.

  • Efficient floor space usage with strong aisle/shelving ratio
  • Keep product lines together by storing two pallets deep
  • Increase storage density by around 30-40%!
  • Cost-effective racking configuration!

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