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Leading industrial battery brand known for manufacturing a wide range of efficient lead-acid batteries that effectively control and reduce motive power operating costs. Our batteries feature innovative technologies such as dense paste, battery sleeves, and the industry's first acid recirculation system, ensuring longevity and cost-effectiveness.

  • Extended Run Times & Cycle Life
  • Higher Amp-Hour Capacity
  • Higher Sustained Voltages
  • High Performance
  • Decreased Maintenance
  • Decreased Watering


The Rugged, Full-Shift Power Source

Get the most out of your equipment with the HAWKER® flooded lead-acid POWERLINE® battery series. Whether you’re operating sit-down rider forklifts, walkies, or narrow-aisle lift trucks, POWERLINE® forklift battery will keep you up and running.


The Ultimate Power Source

Trust this flooded lead-acid battery battery for demanding operations. Ideal for high-demand applications with long runs, high lifts, and attachments, it ensures trucks keep moving efficiently and effectively.

  • Up to 20% More Energy: Delivers more active material than conventional batteries without an increase in tray size.
  • Lower Operating Costs: Extended running time minimizes battery changeouts, leading to fewer spare batteries and chargers required. This reduces watering maintenance, charging needs, and storage space, ultimately lowering total ownership costs while enhancing productivity
  • Longer Battery Life: Engineered for optimal active material and acid volumes, ensuring higher energy and extended battery life with estimated life of 1,500-2,000 cycles at 80% DoD, reducing expenses over time.

Battery System Specification

Maximize equipment performance with HAWKER® POWERLINE® flooded lead-acid batteries, ideal for various forklift types. The design and construction of POWERLINE® batteries ensure superior performance and extended lifespan.

Our rugged positive grid construction, featuring the thickest grid in the industry, ensures improved current distribution and extended battery life with reduced corrosion and cooler operating temperatures.

The pasted plate is the heart and soul of your lead-acid battery. The positive grids are pasted with the most active material and is the densest available anywhere in the industry today. Dense positive paste ensures long-life operation under deep cycling as well as continued, uninterrupted power.

Sleeved separators are made of the highest-quality, microporous plastic material available. Sleeved separators eliminate failures caused by separator misalignment.



Our revolutionary formation system uses an acid recirculation and two shot forming processes. This ensures that every cell of every battery receives a uniform temperature-controlled acid bath.

Quality by Design

Our POWERLINE™ batteries provide superior performance and long life cycle that is based on the battery's design and construction.

Hawker Chargers

Complete Energy Solution

Explore our smartest and most energy-efficient charger line in the business. We offer different charge profile options for operational flexibility, we ensure peak efficiency and non-stop power while reducing your battery charging costs, water consumption, and battery maintenance and repair costs.


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