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Choose from the many warehouse equipment and storage services provided by TOTAL WAREHOUSE. Our on-site road service team is always just around the corner and ready to get your forklift fixed quickly so you never encounter down time. Our road service vans are always stocked with the most important equipment parts and our technicians have years and years of experience. Our engineering and installation teams understand every single little step in getting your pallet rack system up as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We know the permit protocols for your city so your project is never halted with red tape. Our CAD designers and installation crews work with great communication to optimize your inventory storage system. TW telematics technology allows you to take total control of your equipment and company vehicle fleet. Increase accountability and safety for your staff with our telematics system that uses live GPS locating to provide intuitive analytics data straight to your dashboard so you can see who's working and who's not working in your fleet. We have a massive range of forklift attachments from industry leading companies like Bolzoni so your forklift is customized to your exact needs. Our substantial line of forklift batteries and chargers can be purchased, leased, or even rented based on your needs. Warehouses are tough work. We have brilliant solutions.

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