UniCarriers RPX

Electric Walkie Rider Truck

Up and down crowded aisles, in and out of coolers & freezers, racing to and from the loading dock, stopping and starting — our Platinum Series Pallet Trucks are engineered to offer unmatched reliability and performance. Superior maneuverability… maximum operator comfort… extraordinary durability… the RPX is designed to excel in all environments — from coolers and freezers down to -20°F (-28.9°C) to dry ambient environments. And, it’s built to deliver maximum uptime and the low cost of ownership.

  • Capacity: 8,000lbs. Pallet Jack.
  • 8 hours of run-time
  • Rugged construction
  • Ergonomic features
  • Sealed switches for freezer use
  • Effortless Steering System

hybrid production

An electric jack built for any job, anywhere

UniCarriers Rider Pallet Trucks are the Product of Choice when it comes to High Speed Transportation and Dock Work, along with Low Level Order Picking and Handling of Merchandise. On the dock, in the freezer, or out in the plant, Unicarriers' reputation for building rugged, reliable equipment is what your operators will experience and owners will appreciate.

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IP65 Protection

The RPX is designed to move from freezer storage to dry environments and withstand the condensation that will occur. All UniCarriers Electric Jacks are equipped with seal switches, epoxy-coated control board, and IP65 rated seal controller and steer race to prevent damage. All of this is protected by the RPX's rugged frame to ensure you never have to slow down.

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Rental Options

Industry Competitive Rates - Why buy when you can rent? Total Warehouse has a massive rental fleet ready to be delivered to your business at a moment's notice. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates that allow you to keep your operation running at the bare minimum cost. Our customers love our rental services because they know they can count on quality, the clean unit is delivered to their location quickly, so they don't have to experience any downtime.

ModelCapacityWidthLengthLift HeightLowered
RPX60-366,000 lbs27"36"9.25"3.25"
RPX60-426,000 lbs27"42"9.25"3.25"
RPX60-486,000 lbs27"48"9.25"3.25"
RPX60-846,000 lbs27"84"9.25"3.25"
RPX60-966,000 lbs27"96"9.25"3.25"
ModelCapacityWidthLengthLift HeightLowered
RPX80-368,000 lbs27"36"9.25"3.25"
RPX80-428,000 lbs27"42"9.25"3.25"
RPX80-488,000 lbs27"48"9.25"3.25"
RPX80-848,000 lbs27"84"9.25"3.25"
RPX80-968,000 lbs27"96"9.25"3.25"

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Wet, Dry, Hot or Cold Dependability

With the RPX, one truck can do it all — moving from coolers and freezers to dry ambient environments where condensation can occur. As a safeguard, all of our electric pallet riders are equipped with sealed switches, an epoxy coated control board, IP65 rated sealed controller and sealed steer race — all housed within our rugged frame that’s protected by a durable powder coat paint finish. Add in our other features like AC motor control, thermal cut back, and onboard self-diagnostics, and you have one very versatile machine

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