Why Lithium Forklifts Finally Make Fiscal Sense for Your Operation in 2020?

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By : Mat Lee

Lithium electric energy has now advanced to the point where lithium-powered Forklifts can finally replace your old propane Forklifts. Actually, your warehouse operation stands to see an improvement in output with Lithium Forklift. Here is the cost/benefit analysis, Pros&Cons of lithium forklifts, and how it makes financial sense to replace the propane fleet in 2020.

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For many business owners -across virtually all industries- transitioning to a clean, the environmentally friendly operation just hasn’t been in the cards. It didn’t make fiscal sense to move away from reliable, productive propane forklifts to clean-energy alternatives. Traditionally, ‘Going green’ meant sacrificing either operational output or operational spending. The only alternative was to absorb a massive premium on ‘Green’ equipment in an effort to match your warehouse’s function with propane forklifts.

Of course, we all know a decision like that is really no decision at all: Everyone ran screaming from the idea of using anything besides their old reliable propane lifts. This is an understandable response to seeing your facility’s production or cost-efficiency dip. Businesses exist to make a profit, and anything that gets in the way of that is …let’s say… not very popular.

But what if ‘Lithium Forklift’ power finally made fiscal sense for your warehouse operation?

Lithium electric energy has now advanced to the point where lithium-powered equipment can finally replace your old propane equipment fleet. Actually, your warehouse operation stands to see an improvement in output with lithium forklifts:

Why Should You Buy Lithium Forklifts in 2020?

  • Dynamic Performance

One of the most common complaints our customers expressed regarding clean-energy forklifts was that they were extremely limited in what work they could handle. Operations that require dynamic lifts that can operate inside and outside the warehouse, traveling up and down ramps have come to find electric forklifts to be useless.

But Big Joe’s new LXE-44  Lithium Forklifts come standard with pneumatic tires that go up and down ramps easily. They are also completely waterproof, so they are suitable for extreme environmental conditions.

Big Joe LXE-44

  • Power & Availability

Another common reason companies have held back from clean-energy equipment is their belief that these forklifts can’t provide the power output many warehouse facilities require. Fast-paced operations -such as logistics facilities- have round-the-clock active loading docks. These companies love propane forklifts because they always run at full strength and their only downtime is the few minutes it takes to replace the tank.

 Electric forklifts, on the other hand, require hours of charging cycles and their power output can diminish as the shift goes on. Electric Forklifts also require watering maintenance on their battery cells to remain operational. Anyone who has ‘watered’ a forklift battery knows that this process is -at best- a pain in the ass, and -at worst- dangerous and disgusting.

Big Joe’s LXE-44 reaches a full charge in 45 minutes. Our customers love this improved charging time because it means their forklifts can charge up on short downtime like lunch. They have also mentioned loving how the LXE-44 plugs in just like an electric car and even shows a percentage indicator as the lithium-ion cell restores! 

The ultimate feature of the LXE-44, though, is that it gives an upgraded electric output with absolutely ZERO battery watering required. You never even need to look at the battery if you don’t want to! The spot-charging capabilities on the LXE-44 are improved as well. A quick 20-minute charge gives you a 75% battery to finish your shift. Lithium-ion forklifts can finally give your fleet the best aspects of both electric and propane forklifts.

Water resistant seal

  • The bottom line: Operational Costs

All these features don’t mean much if the money doesn’t add up, though, right? Warehouse decision-makers must maintain their facility’s profitability while ‘Going Green’ or they won’t have an operation at all. So, let’s do a little cost/benefit analysis on lithium forklifts for your facility:

Big Joe’s LXE-44 Lithium Forklift has a starting price of $25,985. This is comparable to the electric and LPG forklifts you’ll be replacing within your fleet. But we should also factor in the added savings from not having to buy propane tanks anymore. One customer told us they spent well over $3,500 monthly on propane and oil changes for their fleet. This cost is non-existent with Lithium Forklifts. Likewise, you’ll be saving the money you used to spend having your electric forklift battery watered regularly. These small maintenance charges add up and contribute a big deal towards your bottom line.

We must also factor in the added space you’ll gain since you’ll no longer have to keep an OSHA-approved designated propane tank area on site. One of our customers that switched their traditional and Bendi VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Forklift fleet to 100% lithium boosted their pallet positions from 55,000 positions to over 80,000. Improving storage space is an undeniable benefit to your bottom line. Also, keep in mind that Lithium Forklifts may allow you to reduce the size of your fleet if you were using different units to handle indoor and outdoor work. Since Lithium forklifts like the LXE-44 can handle pallets inside, outside, up, and down ramps, you may be able to have one unit do the work of two.

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