TW Warehouse Forklifts for Sale

Narrow Aisle Forklift and Other Warehouse Forklift Solutions

Total Warehouse features turnkey lifting solutions for warehouses and industrial facilities. View our inventory of forklift equipment manufactured by renowned industry leaders.

Warehouse Forklifts for Sale

Partnerships with established manufacturers, such as Bendi, Big Joe, Columbia, Combi-Lift, Lift-Rite, Nilfisk Advance, and UniCarriers/Nissan, allow us to provide a wide selection of new and used forklifts. Take a look at our massive line of narrow aisle forklifts, counterbalance forklift, and other models.

 Stand Up Reach Truck Forklifts

Stand Up Forklifts

Explore our range of stand-up forklifts that are designed for easy maneuverability in limited spaces. Our selection includes a variety of lift height and weight capacity.

 Sit Down Propane Forklifts

Sit Down Propane Forklifts

Prevent electrical hazards by choosing one of our sit-down propane forklifts. Our new and used equipment pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

 Sit Down Electric Forklifts

Sit-Down Electric Forklifts

Do more with the help of a sit-down electric forklift. This warehouse equipment operates in generally faster speeds, making it suitable for high-volume operations.

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High Capacity Equipment

Meet the demands of your industrial facility with the help of our heavy-duty forklifts. We can help you find the most suitable equipment based on your operational requirements.

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VNA Equipment

VNA machines offer superior speed and precision in small spaces. These narrow aisle forklifts are ideal for indoor use in tightly packed warehouses.

total warehouse lithium forklift big joe

Lithium Forklifts

Lithium forklifts charge quickly. They also don’t typically require a cooldown period. This means less down time. Invest in the powerful warehouse equipment today.

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Total Warehouse features a wide selection of new and used warehouse forklifts from the industry’s most trusted brands. We go the extra mile to help you find what you need. Get a quote today.