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Forklift Chargers

Comprehensive Electric Solutions

Comprehensive energy solutions and industrial forklift battery chargers for seamless integration, data sharing, and long-term optimization. When your forklifts need recharging, we've got you covered with battery chargers suitable for any material handling environment, budget, and battery type. We offer includes fast & opportunity charging systems, and certified universal chargers to charge both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

  • LINDE Li-ION Chargers
  • ENERSYS IMPAQ™ Chargers
  • TriCOM® Chargers
  • BIG JOE KBS Lithium Chargers
  • HAWKER® Chargers
  • LIFESPEED® MOD3 Chargers
  • LIFEPLUS® Chargers
  • FSIP Charger Systems

Effortlessly Energized

Recharge with Ease

Our power experts work with you to optimize your facility, assessing your motive power needs and offering customized solutions. The goal is to provide a fully integrated solution, combining forklifts, batteries, chargers, and ongoing support to maximize uptime and efficiency.

  • Fast and Opportunity Charging Systems
  • Certified Universal Chargers for Lead-Acid and Li-Ion Batteries
  • Conventional Charging


Linde Li-ION Chargers

Advanced Technology for Every Application

State-of-the-art technology for reducing energy costs and maximizing performance. Linde Li-ION Chargers and Batteries are ideal for every application, providing a multi-level safety concept, emission & maintenance-free technology, and CAN bus communication.

  • High System Efficiency - Increases Energy Yield by 30% Compared to Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Fast & Convenient Charging - Achieve Full Charge Cycle Within 1 Hour
  • Lean Charging Infrastructure - Can be set-up at sensible waypoints
  • Intelligent Battery Management - Vehicle Control & Battery Management



High-Frequency & Value-Packed

Featuring standard flooded lead acid battery and Nexsys® Tppl charge profiles, the IMPAQ™ charger is a top value in high-tech charging. the light and compact, high-frequency units offer intelligent battery charging, advanced efficiency and outstanding flexibility for material handling equipment, floor cleaning machines and industrial electric vehicles. IMPAQ™ chargers feature the latest technology to maximize charging performance while maintaining peak efficiency.

TriCOM® Chargers

Innovative Technology

Innovative high-frequency (HF) charging technology with its highly integrated circuit design. These chargers allow for maximum efficiency, enhanced performance, and intelligent charging. As a result of increased efficiency compared to conventional chargers, the energy consumption is reduced up to 20%.

HAWKER® Chargers

Innovative Technology

The HAWKER® modular, high-frequency chargers redefine motive power innovation with advanced scalability, redundant power, simplified service, and maximum flexibility. Featuring our patented IONIC charge profile, as well as opportunity and fast charge profiles, these smart chargers offer plug-and-play flexibility, eliminating downtime and ensuring scalability for future power needs.


Convenient Power Solutions for Optimization

Forefront of high-frequency switch-mode smart charging innovation and ensures optimal charging, peak efficiency, and uninterrupted power while effectively curbing charging costs and minimizing energy requirements. Their modules serve as fast, ionic, or opportunity chargers, making them the most flexible in the industry. LIFESPEED® MOD3 chargers bring a plethora of benefits to elevate and optimize your operational processes.

LIFEPLUS® Chargers

Reliable Power and Peak Efficiency

The latest innovation of high-frequency switch-mode IONIC smart chargers provide multiple charge profiles, peak efficiency, and non-stop power while reducing charging costs. LIFEPLUS® chargers are the result of more than 30 years of high-frequency, smart charging experience.

FSIP Wall Mounted Charger Systems

High-Frequency, Automatic, and Efficient

The power module based chargers are a high-frequency, fully automatic chargers for use with lead-acid and lithium batteries. The FSIP wall mounted battery charger system is multi-voltage configurable and offers high-energy efficiency that reduces operating costs while the power module system eliminates downtime to increase productivity.

Questions to Ask When Purchasing Battery Charger

The battery voltage needs to match the charger voltage. The voltage directly influences the lifting and travel speeds of the equipment. Battery voltage requirements generally span from 12 volts to 72 volts. Modern pallet jacks commonly function on 24 volts, whereas stand-up machines such as reach trucks are usually equipped with either 24 or 36 volts. Bigger machinery such as swing reach trucks often demands higher voltages, necessitating 48-72 volt batteries.

The lower the continuous amperage during discharge, the more efficient the battery becomes. A lead-acid battery might have a capacity of 600 ampere-hours, while a Li-Ion battery might only have 200.


Single Phase (1PHS) or Triple Phase (3PHS)

The forklift charger and the line voltage needs to match.

Cold storage batteries can have specialized features to enhance performance at low temperatures. However, the charge of the batteries should not fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Charging times may be extended based on battery temperature and charger capability. For efficient operation of your cold storage facilities and forklift equipment in cool environments, contact our specialists.

Linde Lithium Ion Batteries

Unlock the Power of KBS Batteries

Li-ion batteries meet the energy efficiency and durability needs of modern MHE. Perfect for multi-shift operations, they handle frequent opportunity charging at high rates without performance loss. Li-ion forklift batteries offer extended operational hours and rapid recharging, boosting productivity in warehousing and distribution.

Enersys Ironclad Batteries

Unique Square Tube Technology

With a reputation for unparalleled performance, Enersys ironclad batteries has helped thousands of operations optimize their vehicle fleet efficiency. Ironclad batteries can support efficiency and productivity for your fleet and make way for more profitable operations.

Forklift Charger Stand

Get Organized While Charging

Battery charging stands are perfect for organizing heavy-duty batteries during charging. We offer various stands for different industrial battery sizes, including forklift batteries. Our knowledgeable staff can assist in finding the right stand for your battery room organization needs. Our products are customizable to fit various battery heights.

Electric Forklifts

Expert Transition to Electric

Our specialists will ensure that the process of converting to electric technology is extremely easy. We’ve helped countless businesses across the United States achieve lower maintenance, reduced costs, increased worker satisfaction, and increased economic sustainability by making the switch.


  • Improved Uptime & Efficiency
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Longer Operating Lifetime

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