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Industrial Batteries

Keeping your business moving is essential and having reliable power for your motive power equipment is critical. GNB Industrial Power offers a comprehensive portfolio of motive power batteries, performance management tools and chargers, including lithium technologies, for material handling, mining, railway, military and other applications.

  • Extended Run Times & Cycle Life
  • Higher Amp-Hour Capacity
  • Higher Sustained Voltages
  • High Performance
  • Decreased Maintenance
  • Decreased Watering

GNB Industrial Power

Innovative Technology

Explore our optimal energy solutions with GNB Industrial Power for enabling uninterrupted power supply energy solutions to critical systems. GNB stands as a premier developer and manufacturer of battery and charging systems, serving diverse sectors such as material handling, robotics, railroad, solar, and construction within industrial and commercial markets.

Tubular CMX

Maximum Energy

Tubular CMX batteries provide durable and cost-efficient power, utilizing GNB's round tubular technology for extended run times. Ideal for everyday use and opportunity charging, they offer up to 1800 cycles at 80% depth-of-discharge.

  • Cost-Efficient Tubular Design
  • Opportunity Charge
  • Extended Warranty

Marathon FPX/F110

Efficient & Durable

Premium, cost-efficient power with extended durability and reliability. Engineered for superior performance, they offer the industry's highest flat plate cycle performance warranty (1600), ensuring dependable power for heavy-duty applications.

  • Flat Plate Design
  • Opportunity Charge
  • Heavy Duty

Battery System Specification

M-Series Li510 lithium-ion batteries deliver faster charging, greater efficiency, and increased cycle life, all in a maintenance-free package. Featuring a dual cable system for convenient charging and integrated BMS (Battery Management System) which offers convenience and battery monitoring while providing a more powerful and cost-effective solution for your business.

M-Series T330 batteries deliver more power in the same size container, with up to 18% more capacity*. These batteries are designed for opportunity and fast charging applications. T330 batteries also feature Stryten’s round tubular technology, which provides longer run times versus competitive square grid designs.


The M-Series T310 family of tubular batteries provides the benefit of 90 day watering cycles through an innovative plate design that provides more than 70% more electrolyte headspace. The T310 is ideal for opportunity charge applications.


M-Series T300 batteries deliver premium cost-efficient power and are more durable and dependable than traditional flat-plate designs. T300 batteries are ideal for everyday conventional use and are ideal for opportunity charging operations.

M-Series F110 batteries deliver premium, cost-efficient power and extended durability to get the job done. The improved performance and extended cycle life of the F110 will boost your medium to heavy-duty trucks’ run time. The F110 has been designed for use in opportunity charge applications.


M-Series F100 family is made up of economical flooded flat-plate batteries that have been designed to deliver consistent and reliable power for light to medium duty applications. F100 batteries are optimized for use in conventional charging.


M-Series AGM200 valve-regulated lead-acid batteries never need watering and are
designed for light retail and medium warehouse material handling applications.

Maximizing Productivity

Bringing More Power to Your Shifts

Our StrytenEnergy Lithium-Ion Batteries increase forklift operators due to flexible fast/opportunity charging of the battery system.
Our StrytenEnergy Tubular Batteries enable fast and opportunity charging, longer run times, and more amp hours.
Our StrytenEnergy Flat-Plate Batteries enable extended life cycle, longer run times, and opportunity charging for medium to heavy duty trucks.


Complete Energy Solution

Stryten Energy provides a variety of solutions for your energy storage needs, including flat plate, tubular, and lithium technologies. Stryten batteries are primarily used in forklift trucks, railroad and military applications.

  • Flat Plate Batteries
  • Tubular Batteries
  • Lithium Batteries

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