Linde 1120-R20

Electric Reach Truck

The Linde R10 to R25 product line boasts a wide range of trucks for intensive applications in a range of industries, particularly third party logistics (3PL), food, and drink. The various model versions and extensive equipment make it possible to perform a wide range of different logistics tasks. This includes mast heights up to 13.4 meters, a narrow chassis for drive-in racking or cold store protection enabling operating at temperatures as low as -30°C.

  • Lifting Heights from 18 - 48 ft
  • Capacity from 3,500 - 5,000 lbs
  • 4 Braking Systems
  • Lift/Lower, Reach, Tilt & Side Shift
  • Linde Curve Assist
  • Linde 180º Electric Steering
  • Lift Height Indicator/Soft Stop Lowering
  • Digital Instrument Display


Intelligent Controller

Powerful AC traction and lift motors combined with the renowned Linde intelligent controller deliver seamless, energy efficient performance for optimum productivity. Fixed clear view triplex masts with integrated sideshift as standard ensure smooth, highly efficient storage and retrieval cycles.


Intuitive Interaction

The unique performance of the Linde reach truck combines maximum productivity with intuitive interaction between the operator and the forklift truck. This ensures the highest level of economic efficiency and minimum costs per pallet movement. With Linde DMC you can perfect the load handling.


Effortless Operation

A world first sees the operator‘s work station resiliently mounted to the base chassis isolating the operator from shocks and vibrations. An ergonomic, fully adjustable seat and integral control console housing the fingertip joystick hydraulic levers together with a compact steering wheel gives unsurpassed levels of operator comfort. The unique Linde rheological electric steering system enables effortless operation and assured manoeuvring and travelling. In this superb, stress-free working environment, the operator is motivated and can fully focus on the task.


Durable and Trustworthy

Durability and reliability are key elements in delivering cost effective supply chain solutions. Linde reach trucks benefit from the experience of over 60 years working in heavy industrial and commercial applications. All key components are designed and manufactured in-house to achieve these objectives. High residual capacities also result from this knowledge.

Key Features

  • A revolution in load handling ER & DMC
  • a world first for reach trucks
  • The innovative core of this operator-assist solution is the powerful and responsive, intelligent Electric Reach (ER) system
  • The DMC based on Electric Reach counteracts the dynamic static mast deflection and oscillations generated during the lifting process
  • Confident, seamless maneuvering with unique Linde twin accelerator pedals
  • High-precision load handling with Linde Load Control
  • Highly responsive and progressive electric rheological steering
  • Digital instrument display for instant readout of truck status

The Linde Multifunction Lever is a new human machine interface that integrates all operating functions and ensures the best possible ergonomics and optimum ease of use.

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ModelCapacity (lbs)Load Center (in)Voltage batteryOverall Width (in)Aisle Width (in)

Standard & Optional Equipment

Linde R20 Electric Reach Truck

The compact, short wheelbase chassis combines with a small diameter steering wheel and effortless electric steering for impressive maneuverability in narrow aisles.

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