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Committed to operator comfort, along with ergonomics, performance and reliability, the Linde Model V15 Series 1355 (5215) warehouse picker is especially useful for challenging environments and demanding applications. The multi-function control handle is stationary allowing a solid 4-point stance position in the operator compartment with the use of a thumb tiller to travel. This handle has eliminated any wrist movements while keeping the operator feeling attached to the truck at all times

  • Pick Height: 15-40 Feet
  • Capacity: 3,000 LBS
  • 100% AC Motor Technology
  • Ergonomic controls
  • A one-piece low profile design
  • Sealed critical harness connections

Order Picker V15_1355

Series 1355

The Series 1355 utilizes 100% AC Motor Technology along with the latest controls allows the operator to smoothly operate the truck. Operators benefit from sealed critical harness connections and solid-state components. Linde’s well known ergonomic controls provide a sure grip increasing operator productivity and confidence. A one-piece low profile design cover requires no tools and provides better visibility and full access to key components. CAN-bus design and diagnostics can be controlled through a single point plug and fault codes can be easily displayed


Curve Control / Open Access to Components

Linde curve control automatically reduces driving speed depending on steering angle, ensuring an extra level of safety. access to key components is achieved without tools and directly in front of technician.


Unique Clamp Design

Automatically clamps and centers pallets with any stringer, ranging from 1” to 5”, eliminating the need for standardization of pallets or the use of workarounds.


Key Features

By utilizing steel extensively from the mast to the side gates and everything in between there is less sway and greater operator confidence, leading to increased productivity. During stops and starts from 30 feet above the ground, operators remain in touch with the stockpicker via four solid points contact.

The Multi-Function Control Handle is stationary, allowing a solid 4-point stance position in the operator compartment with the use of a thumb tiller to travel. This ajustable handle has eliminated any wrist movements while keeping the operator feeling attached to the truck at all times.

The Linde Curve Assist System automatically reduces the speed of a forklift that is travelling too fast around a curve. If the operator drives too fast into a curve, or if the curve radius is too small, the centrifugal forces try to tip over the forklift — that’s where Linde Curve Assist comes in.

Linde Li-ION batteries for forklift trucks and warehouse equipment improve operation and handling. They increase vehicle availability and make operation more economical, safer and more sustainable. Many users appreciate the practical advantages in their day-to-day work.


  • Increased Sustainability
  • Reduced Charging Time By 70%
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Longer Run Time

The InnovativeLinde BlueSpot™ driving path warning system minimizes risk without making a sound.

  • Driving path warning system: Increasing safety in aisles and at crossings with poor visibility
  • Early warning: A spot on the ground well ahead of the truck leaves plenty of time to move out of the way
  • LED technology: Anti-glare, high-intensity light using low levels of energy
  • Long service life: Very low operating temperature
  • Durability: Resistant to shaking, vibrations, and high-pressure cleaning
  • Diversity: LED light with a red or blue light spot or a blue arrow
  • Well-received by drivers and pedestrians: No need for disruptive acoustic warning signals

Work Assistance Accessories are designed to make operators’ jobs easier and more effiencient, with many options to help keep frequently-used tools and accessories like laptops, clipboards or Linde Connect (pictured) close at hand.

Linde Smart Guide Wire Guidance System is a fully integrated wire guidance system available for very narrow aisle lift trucks including The 1355 Ordder picker to automatically guide the vehicles in narrow aisles. A wire sensor  is mounted on the center of the truck that receives a signal from a wire buried in a center groove cut in the stacking aisle floor. The sensors acknowledge the signal from the wire within the floor and control the steering mechanism to enable the truck to automatically follow the wire system. With the Linde Smart Guide Wire Guidnace System, operators are freed from manual steering tasks and are able to focus on more productive tasks including order picking.

Rental Options

Why buy when you can rent? Geared for narrow aisles, Total Warehouse's rental fleet of Order Pickers provides the maneuverability and operability you need in tight quarters without sacrificing travel speed or lift and low speeds.

Task Support Vehicle

The Order Picker comes with proven Linde components from the drive unit to the AC electric motors. A number of engineering tests have been performed including FEA (finite element analysis) and Hydropulse for durability of frame and components over extended periods of time. Outriggers are solid steel welded to the frame separate from the mast assembly, with the goal of achieving a rigid frame for greater loads at extended lift heights up to 360”.

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