Linde 346

3-Wheel Sit-Down Electric Counterbalance Forklift

The Linde 346 Series E18 / E20 3-wheel electric forklift incorporate a full range of advanced technologies for maximized comfort, efficiency, and economy of operations in order to keep your operations and durability up. As a result, our trucks use fewer parts, require less scheduled maintenance, extend battery life, and our ultra-reliable AC drive and hydraulic motors provide greater efficiency—delivering more consistent power and performance throughout each shift.

  • Lifting Heights from 10 - 30 ft
  • Capacity from 3,500 - 4,000 lbs
  • Maximum Versatility
  • Fits Most Applications
  • Precise Load Handling
  • Navigate Tight Spaces
  • Exceptional Design
  • Low Energy Consumption

Linde Technology

Innovative, Exceptional Design

The new 346 raises the standards for comfort, efficiency, economy of operation, and durability. This sit-down electric series is designed to exceed customer expectations with high performance functions, stable efficiency, energy management, built-in comfort, ergonomics, and more.


Stable Efficiency

A Forklift Built to Increase Production

Compact maneuverability through a heavy-duty steer axle and the Linde exclusive combi steering axle allows the truck to navigate tight spaces. The standard full-suspension seat with tilt-up armrest and electronic fingertip control levers encourage productive operators with fewer fatigue-related injuries throughout the workday.

Energy Management

New Axle Design

Linde Energy Management System. With AC power modules mounted directly on the sealed drive axle, Linde has been able to eliminate all AC power cables. This means less power loss and more run time.


Dual AC Drive Motors

Compact drive unit. All drive components are contained in a completely sealed drive axle with an IP54 rating. The dual AC drive motors are mounted in-line, allowing for exceptional run times and minimal wear.


Multitude of Features

Easy to Operate. The Linde 346 has a multitude of features, including; adjustable armrest, fingertip controls, full suspension seat with three adjustment points and an adjustable steering column.

Key Features

The Linde Compact Drive Unit

An assembly that includes drive motors, hydraulic motor, reduction gears, brake systems, and power modules. With this system, Linde engineers have eliminated long power cables, one of the major reasons for excessive energy consumption. This module combines all includes:

  • Smallest footprint
  • Serviceable from the wheel ends
  • Planetary gears are compact and efficient
  • Short-distance power transmission (low electrical losses
  • Maintenance-free, wet disc brakes

Ergonomic Superiority

Linde Material Handling understands that comfortable and safe operators are more productive and have fewer injuries due to repetitive motion and fatigue. Their engineers and designers work together to provide an operating experience unlike any other 3-wheel forklift available today. A few of the features include:

  • Fly-by-wire hydraulic levers
  • Armrest is standard equipment
  • Solid metal seat deck
  • Equal access for on/off on both sides of the forklift
  • Ample foot room

Built for Durability

Apart from aesthetic appeal and unique technical features, Linde forklifts are built for durability. In tough everyday applications, their reliability and durability are renowned. It’s not unusual for Linde forklifts to log 20,000 operating hours and beyond during their lifetime, saving their owners money every single hour. The Linde 346 model forklift frame is built like no other in the industry. In fact, it is more than 1,000lbs heavier than the competition. This provides better stability, protection, and better ergonomic performance than any other 3-wheel forklift on the market. Modules and drives are better protected leading to less service and maintenance and increased useful life of the equipment. The Linde 346 frame boasts:

  • ½” inch structural steel for fenders and free-standing supports
  • 3/8” steel “sandwich” lower frame
  • Front sub-frame supports and rear frame bulkhead = 5/8” steel

Linde Material Handling is a global leader in the manufacturing and production of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment, successfully providing the perfect forklift truck for every industry and application for over 60 years.


With their capability to handle diverse tasks and move heavy loads, Linde forklifts are trusted for their reliability and efficiency.

  • Benefit from up to 40% savings on operating costs from efficient energy management.
  • Linde forklifts are over 22% more productive compared to closest competitors.

Competitive Rates for the Linde 346

Available for Rent, Lease, and Purchase | New & Used Forklifts Available

Total Warehouse has a massive rental fleet ready to be delivered to your business at a moment's notice. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates that allow you to maximize operations at the bare minimum cost. We have you covered with the top material handling products for operational optimization that is customized to your specific needs.

ModelCapacity (lbs)Load Center (in)ConfigurationVoltage batteryTurning Radius (in)
E18_3463500243 Wheels36/4863.9
E20_3464000243 Wheels34/4863.9

No Down Time

Never Quit

The new Linde drive axle—an assembly that includes drive motors, hydraulic motor, reduction gears, brake system, and power modules. With this system, Linde engineers have eliminated long power cables, one of the major reasons for excessive energy consumption.

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