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Linde KBS Lithium Batteries & Chargers

Lithium KBS Batteries & Chargers

Lithium batteries and chargers are the optimal solution for the energy efficiency and durability requirements of today's material handling industry. Combining Linde lithium ion battery and Linde charger can increase energy yield by 30% compared to lead-acid batteries. With their robust performance, these forklift batteries ensure extended operational hours and fast recharging to enhance productivity in operations.

  • No Battery Swapping
  • No Battery Watering
  • Increased Sustainability
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Reduced Charging Time By 70%
  • 80% Longer Run Time
  • 30% More Energy Yield
  • Double Warranty

Plug In For Lunch

Feed Yourself and Feed Your EQ

Charging a Li-ion battery for forklifts is incredibly convenient. With lithium, you can opportunity charge at any time – simply plug in during lunch or overnight. Plug in for lunch and feed yourself while feeding your equipment.

  • Immediate and Fast Charging Times
  • No Battery Swapping or Battery Watering
  • Economic Use of Every Break
  • Maximize Use of Every Break


The Smart Solution

Less Maintenance, Less Cost

Smart, clean, and efficient technology that removes the time-consuming and hazardous tasks from lead-acid batteries. Electric forklifts boast lower maintenance costs for a significantly reduced total cost of ownership. About $0.40 of electricity equals the work of $2.50 of propane.

  • Longer Battery Life-Time and Higher Efficiency
  • No Battery Maintenance Needed
  • No Special Battery Rooms
  • No Employee Exposure to Toxic Acids & Vapors

High Efficiency Lithium Ion Batteries

Efficient and Productive Operations

Increase efficiency and productivity of the operating forklift fleet from the technological advantages of Linde Li-Ion, which offers numerous time and cost advantages in day-to-day logistics and for the associated infrastructure.

  • Up to 30% Higher Electrical Efficiency
  • Constant Truck Uptime
  • Multi-Shift Availability
  • Shorter Charging Times

Emission Free Forklift Batteries

The Sustainable and Safe Solution

This emission-free battery is the environmentally sustainable choice, emitting the lowest greenhouse gases and featuring recyclable batteries. Ensure a safer workplace by eliminating the risks associated with propane, such as explosions and harmful fumes.

  • No Evolving Battery Gases
  • No Need for Extraction Unit
  • No Toxic Substances like Cd, Pb, or Hg

The TW Impact

Transforming From LP to Electric

We have transformed businesses and continue to make a significant impact on environmental sustainability. Our efforts have helped businesses convert over 10,500 lift trucks from LP to electric, avoid the emission of 1,420,000 tons of CO2, and achieve fuel savings of about $224 billion for our clients.

Our Propane to Electric Conversion Program can save you $64,500,000 in fuel LPG savings yearly.

Electric Cost Savings

Calculate Your Savings

Calculate Your Savings from making the switch from Propane to Electric. Our propane to electric conversion program can save you $65,000,000 in fuel LPG savings annually.

CARB's Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program offers cash incentives for companies that opt for electric material handling equipment. On average, a warehousing facility has the potential to generate tens of thousands of dollars annually from LCFS credits. This makes brand new electric forklifts more affordable, while contributing to a greener, sustainable future.

We handle the application and enrollment process so you can focus on the advantages of participating in the LCFS program.


Key Features

Lithium-ion battery technologies are ideal for multi-shift operations due to their ability to accept frequent opportunity charging at high rates throughout the shift without affecting the battery’s performance.

  • Li-Ion increases uptime, allowing 1 battery to achieve more run time
  • Outperforms lead acid batteries
  • Save on replacements and service

Learn More about Opportunity Charging

Conventional lead-acid batteries comes with a whole series of maintenance and handling costs, which are completely eliminated with Li-ION batteries. These include the cost of a second battery, personnel costs for replenishing the batteries with water, and battery replacement.

  • No need for battery swapping or downtime.
  • More run time in a 24 hour period
  • More cost efficient than lead acid, saving on replacements and service
  • Performs better in low temperature environments

Learn More About Linde’s Li-ION Advantages

Achieves a full charge cycle within 1 hour. Depending on the intensity of the operation, all that’s needed is a quick recharge during the lunch break and the vehicles are ready to go for several more hours.

  • Cn be recharged even during short breaks
  • Costly and time-consuming battery changes are no longer necessary
  • High degree of system efficiency
  • Combination of Linde Li-ION battery and Linde charger increases the energy yield by 30% compared to lead-acid batteries. This leads to lower energy costs.

Learn More About Linde’s Li-ION Advantages

  • With the world’s population increasing and environmental problems from energy use and industry becoming more severe, it’s crucial to stop further harm.
  • Our responsibility is to safeguard a healthy planet for our future and reduce harm to nature’s diverse ecosystems.
  • For businesses, sustainability means operating in ways that don’t harm the environment and ensuring future growth without causing too much damage.

Learn More About Our Sustainable Solution

Lithium-Ion vs Lead Acid

Advantages of Lithium Ion Forklift Batteries

Lead-acid batteries have served as the traditional choice for electric power and have undergone adjustments over time to better meet the demands of demanding operational environments. However, lead-acid batteries demand a significant amount of maintenance while lithium ion batteries are constructed with smarter and cleaner technology that has continued to evolve and advance.

Lithium-Ion vs TPPL

Comparing TPPL batteries to lithium-ion batteries reveals a notable difference. Although TPPL batteries may outperform traditional lead-acid batteries in terms of efficiency, capacity, and lifespan, they still fall short of a lithium-ion battery in all category.

LINDE Li-ION Chargers

Complete Energy Solution

Combine Linde Li-ION battery and Linde charger to increase energy yield by 30% compared to lead-acid batteries, increase vehicle availability and make operations more economical, efficient, safe, and sustainable.

  • Reduce Fuel Costs by Up To 75%
  • Perform Maintenance With 60% Fewer Parts
  • Typical ROI Is Less Than 2 Years
  • Vehicle control and battery management are perfectly aligned – using CAN bus interface.

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