Linde VNA Forklift Trucks

Linde VNA 5231

Turret Truck

VNA warehouses enhance workflow efficiency, greater throughput, and high pallet storage density. The Linde VNA 5231 turret truck enables high turnaround capacity for order picking and handling processes in high rack warehouses. It excels with its simultaneous horizontal and vertical movement, providing a significant edge over other trucks.

  • Lifting Heights from 20 - 50 ft
  • Narrow Aisle Width from 5.5 - 6 ft
  • Capacity from 2,500 - 3,500 lbs
  • 48V and 80V Battery
  • Safety, Efficiency and Ergonomics
  • Warehouse Navigation
  • Faster Lift and Travel Speeds

Facilitates efficient order picking and handling in tall warehouses with its high turnaround capacity. Its robust drive trains enable simultaneous movement and lifting, maintaining speed even at elevated lift levels while providing ample residual lift capacity.

Safety | Performance | Comfort | Reliability |Service

High Performance

High Lift, Swing Reach

Powerful Motors facilitate fast lifting and driving, while the user-friendly control panel minimizes hand movement for swift load handling.
LSC and Aisle Safety Assist increases efficiency for optimal throughput safely.
Active Stability Control System maintains smooth and rapid travel, even on non-compliant surfaces.
Electro-Mechanical Sensors detect and adjust for floor unevenness, maximizing handling performance.

Huge Voltage Power

Voltage from 48-80 V/Ah

Our Linde 5231 Turret Trucks have voltages as high as 80V to enable maximum charge for longer, quicker ground speed, and unmatched power. These trucks make way for better performance and longer cycle times between battery recharging.

Maximized Productivity

Fast and Efficient

Achieve up to to 41% in lift speed. Add in faster travel, pivot, and traverse speeds, and you get TOTAL CYCLE PERFORMANCE.

Maximum Travel Speed (mph)
Experience the difference in warehouse efficiency and worker safety.

Main Lift Speed (fpm)
Experience the difference in warehouse efficiency.

Maximized Productivity

Put Away More In Less

Linde offers a POWERFUL difference and enables high turnaround capacity for order picking and handling processes in high rack warehouses. Get more done with a 5231 unit that puts away 1,000 Pallets in and out.

6 Lindes Do The Work of 7 to 8 Competitor Trucks.

Key Features

5231 linde turret truck

Narrow aisle storage offers high storage density but places demands on drivers due to numerous storage locations, often resulting in misplaced pallets.



Linde Warehouse Navigation addresses this challenge by guiding drivers efficiently, enhancing productivity in narrow aisle warehouses.



Avoid errors and maximize productivity in the warehouse by identifying the sources of errors in advance and show the drivers the most efficient path between the 2 points in the high rack every time.

Linde Smart Guide Wire Guidance System is a fully integrated wire guidance system available for our VNA trucks to automatically guide the vehicles in narrow aisles.


A wire sensor mounted on the center of the truck receives signals from a wire buried in a groove in the stacking aisle floor. This signal controls the steering, allowing the truck to automatically follow the wire system.


Operators are freed from manual steering tasks and can focus on maximizing their productivity in tasks like order picking.


Experience the comfort and ergonomics from the Linde 5231 Turret Truck

  • Low Step on Height for Easy On and Off
  • Step Directly into Cabin or onto Wheel House
  • Grip Tape on Wheel House for Safe Standing
  • Wide Cabin Opening
Linde 5231 turret truck

Unique modular design concept enables perfect individualization for each application.

  • Truck capacities ranging from 2,500 to 3,500 lbs
  • Optimized cabins for picking, storage, or combined use
  • Flexible chassis widths for diverse needs
5231 linde turret truck

The K truck’s excellent cabin design provides operators with immediate comfort and familiarity. With ample space for movement, the cab ensures a comfortable working environment, reducing fatigue and enhancing efficiency and productivity.


The Operators Cabin is extremely robust, and opens easily for convenient entry and exit, along with comfortable cushioning supports for operator when leaning over the barriers.

  • Reduced shock and vibration due to isolation of cabin from chassis.
  • Easy and low access height.
  • Various comfortable and adjustable seats.
  • 3 different Cabins available– Combi cabin (combined picking/ stacking) – Comfort cabin with +100mm more depth – Cold store cabin (-30°C)

The Linde System Control (LSC) is powerful, pioneering technology to ensure optimum control of its VNA man-up and man-down trucks.


LSC employs a sensor to detect the height of the fork, and calculates the maximum residual load capacity. The speed of the truck is automatically adjusted in accordance with the detected height. This all occurs in real time and is displayed to the operator.

With Linde Material Handling’s Aisle Safety Assistant (ASA), narrow aisle trucks adapt their movements to warehouse conditions, minimizing collision risks and potential damage to goods and infrastructure.


Functioning akin to driver assistance systems in cars, ASA enables narrow aisle trucks to navigate using RFID tags or barcodes, maintaining precise positioning and height awareness throughout the warehouse.


By digitally marking obstacles and integrating truck dimensions, ASA prevents collisions by automatically halting narrow aisle trucks when nearing marked areas, ensuring safe navigation within the warehouse environment.

Integrated diagnostic CAN bus technology minimizes maintenance intervals.

  • Easy access to all service relevant components enables quick maintenance and low downtimes.
  • The new oil tank is designed for quick access and short maintenance, as well as for optimized foaming behavior.

Q: What is a turret truck forklift?

A: A turret truck forklift is a specialized type of forklift designed for working in very narrow aisles (VNA).  Instead of traditional forks, it has a mast that rotates, allowing it to pick up and deposit pallets from either side of the aisle.


Q: What are the advantages of using a turret truck?

A: Turret trucks offer these advantages:

  • Increased storage density: VNAs allow for taller racking and narrower aisles, increasing the amount of product stored within a given warehouse space.
  • Greater efficiency: Turret trucks can often retrieve pallets faster than traditional forklifts.
  • Improved safety: Eliminating the need to turn in aisles reduces accident risk.

Q: What are the disadvantages of using a turret truck?

A: Some disadvantages of turret trucks include:

  • Higher cost: Turret trucks are generally more expensive than traditional forklifts.
  • Specialized infrastructure: They often require guide rails or wires in the floor, and smooth, level flooring.
  • Operator training: Operators require specific training to drive turret trucks safely.


Q: What is the difference between a turret truck and a reach truck?

A: Both turret trucks and reach trucks are designed for narrow-aisle operation. The key differences are:

  • Mast movement: Turret truck masts rotate, while reach truck masts extend forward.
  • Versatility: Turret trucks are optimized for pallet handling, while reach trucks can also handle some case picking.


Q: What is a swing reach forklift?

A: A swing reach forklift is a type of reach truck with the ability to rotate its forks. This allows it to retrieve and deposit pallets from either side of a narrow aisle.


Q: What are the advantages of using a swing reach forklift?

A:  Swing reach forklifts offer these advantages:

  • Increased efficiency: Faster than traditional forklifts in narrow aisles.
  • Greater versatility: Can handle both pallet and case picking tasks.
  • Improved maneuverability: Can turn in narrower spaces than standard reach trucks.


Q: What are the disadvantages of using a swing reach forklift?

A: Some disadvantages of swing reach forklifts include:

  • Higher cost: More expensive than standard reach trucks.
  • Less reach height: Typically have lower maximum lift heights than turret trucks.
  • Operator training: Specialized training needed for safe operation.


Q: What type of racking is needed for a turret truck?

A: Turret trucks typically require specialized VNA racking designed for their unique way of accessing pallets.


Q: What kind of flooring is best for turret trucks and swing reach forklifts?

A: Both types of trucks function best on smooth, level floors for optimal stability and efficiency.


Q: Can turret trucks and swing reach forklifts be used outdoors?

A: While primarily designed for indoor warehouse use, some models of turret trucks and swing reach forklifts can be adapted with features suitable for outdoor operation.


Q: What is the typical lift capacity of a turret truck?

A: Turret truck lift capacities vary but commonly range from 2,500 lbs to 5,000 lbs.


Q: What is the typical lift height of a turret truck?

A: Turret trucks can reach impressive lift heights, often ranging from 30 feet to over 50 feet.


Q: What is the difference between a man-up and man-down turret truck?

A: A man-up turret truck has a platform that lifts the operator along with the load, enabling order picking at height. A man-down turret truck keeps the operator on the ground, and is primarily used for moving full pallets.

Competitive Rates for Turret Trucks

Available for Rent, Lease, and Sale

Total Warehouse has a massive rental fleet ready to be delivered to your business at a moment's notice. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates that allow you to maximize operations at the bare minimum cost. We have you covered with the top material handling products for operational optimization that is customized to your specific needs.

ModelCapacity (lbs)Lift (ft)Battery voltage / rated capacity
KTURRET_5231_0.7140018'48 V
KTURRET_5231_0.9180023'80 V
KTURRET_5231_1.5300051'80 V

VNA Turret Truck

Make Every Square Foot Count

Amplify your storage capacity utilization with the LINDE VNA 5231 Turret Truck. Increasing your pallet positions will bring great value to your bottom line.

  • Increase Pallet Levels
  • Increase Pallet Positions
  • Increase Capacity
  • Get The Most Out Of Your Investment

Maximize Every Inch Where Space Matters.



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