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Turret Truck

VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) K-Matic Series Solutions warehouses enable extremely efficiency organization of workflows, greater throughout, and high pallet storage density. A specialized VNA truck is capable of simultaneous horizontal travel and vertical lift, giving it a substantial advantage over other truck types. The resulting diagonal movement allows retrieval of a pallet from a height of 45 feet in the same time that it could be moved horizontally at ground level by a conventional truck. This leads to significant time savings and efficiency increases.

  • Narrow Aisle Width 5.5-6 ft
  • Lifting Heights From 20-50 ft
  • Capacity: 2500-3500 lbs
  • Safety, Efficiency and Ergonomics
  • Operator Assistance Systems
  • Active Stability Control


High lift

Strong motors enable high lift- and driving-speeds, while the ergonomic control panel enables quick load handling with minimal hand movement. Assisting systems like LSC or the Aisle Safety Assist support the operator for maximum throughput in safe operation. The innovative Active Stability Control assistance system ensures a smooth and fast travel speed even on floors that do not comply with VDMA guidelines. The electro-mechanical sensors identify and automatically compensate for unevenness of the floor to achieve maximum handling performance.



100% Reliable

The K truck has various systems to offer safe operations for the driver as well as for its environment. The personal safety system prevents damage inside the aisle, while the innovative rescue alarm detects unusual operator's behavior and attracts attention in emergency cases.



Ruggedly constructed

These ruggedly constructed, high-quality trucks combine with advanced technology and Linde‘s vast experience in very narrow aisle applications to ensure optimum reliability and durability.



Integrated diagnostic

Integrated diagnostic CAN bus technology minimizes maintenance intervals. Easy access to all service relevant components enables quick maintenance and low downtimes. The new oil tank is designed for quick access and short maintenance, as well as for optimized foaming behavior.


Key Features

With efficient load handling in high rack warehouses, calculations come down to the millimeter. Very narrow aisle trucks are used for working at great heights. The aisles are narrow and the distances to the rack are calculated very precisely. Because of that, even the slightest unevenness in the warehouse floor can become a problem and cause the truck to oscillate dangerously.


Before commissioning a new VNA truck, a service technician must ensure that there are no safety risks attached to driving on any of the warehouse floors. If the floors are uneven, the technician must reduce the maximum speed of the truck: This results in lower handling performance and economic losses.


This is a problem that many warehouse operators had to contend with in the past, but Ttoal Warehouse and Linde Material Handling now offer an innovative solution with its Active Stability Control (ASC) assistance system for the K truck.

With the K trucks superb cabin layout the operator feels immediately at ease and acclimatised. With generous space for freedom of movement, the cab offers a comfortable operational environment for fatigue-free working and promotes optimum efficiency and productivity.

  • Unique modular design concept enables the perfect specification for each application
  • Combination of different lift and drive motors (light, normal, heavy duty)
  • Truck capacities from  1,000 to 3,000 lbs
  • Cabins optimized for picking or storage or combined use
  • Various chassis width

The Linde 5321 offers an Operators Cabin that is extreamly robust, but opens easily  for convenient entry and exit. The comfortable cushioning supports that operator when leaning over the barriers.


  • Reduced shock and vibration due to isolation of cabin from chassis.
  • Easy and low access height.
  • Various comfortable and adjustable seats.
  • 3 different Cabins available– Combi cabin (combined picking/ stacking) – Comfort cabin with +100mm more depth – Cold store cabin (-30°C)

Linde has developed powerful, pioneering technology to ensure optimum control of its VNA man-up and man-down trucks: Linde System Control (LSC)


LSC emplys a sensor to detect the height of the fork, and calculates the maximum residual load capacity. The speed of the truck is automatically adjusted in accordance with the detected height. This all occurs in real time and is displayed to the operator.





With the help of the Aisle Safety Assistant (ASA) from Linde Material Handling, the very narrow aisle truck adjusts its movements to the warehouse environment. This significantly reduces the risk of collisions with the warehouse’s infrastructure as well as damage to the truck, the goods and the working environment.


The aisle safety assistant works similarly to the passive driver assistance systems used in cars, which help the driver to control the vehicle. With the help of the ASA, the very narrow aisle truck navigates using RFID tags embedded in the floor or barcodes that are affixed to the rack columns. This enables the truck to determine where in the warehouse the very narrow aisle truck is situated at any time. At the same time, the height sensor determines the height of the cab. The truck control unit therefore knows the truck’s exact position and current height dimensions at all times.


In order to avoid collisions, obstacles that protrude into the rack aisle are marked on the digital map with their position and dimensions. If the truck approaches the marked area, the ASA prevents the driver from driving into it. The system knows the exact dimensions of each truck at all times, including the mast, cabin and fork position and stops the very narrow aisle truck automatically, before it reaches the obstacle.

The K series man-up turret truck from Linde Material Handling enables high turnaround capacity for order picking and handling processes in high rack warehouses. The powerful drive trains make this possible, as the truck can move and lift at the same time. Also, even at high lift levels the speed remains high, and a high level of residual lift capacity is available.


Various assistance systems are available that help to navigate accurately through the warehouse or to avoid obstacles. In particular, the Linde System Control improves the process; depending on the version, the system adjusts the lift and travel speed according to the weight being transported. There are various versions of the mast, chassis, battery and cab for the very narrow aisle trucks, which can be combined according to usage requirements. There are around 10 million possible truck configurations.


Total Warehouse has been servicing the material handling needs of a large variety of industries for over 60 years. The Linde Forklifts brand offers technologically advanced forklifts and heavy equipment for a wide range of applications. The Linde forklifts are distinguished by their innovative industrial technology, ensuring customer confidence in the brand. Efficient energy management and reduced operating costs allow us to reach a level of up to 40% savings compared to other brands.

Rental Options

Total Warehouse has a complete list of forklift rental choices, along with any other equipment rentals you’ll require for your operation / warehouse location. Whether you’re sourcing a whole fleet or one fork truck, Total Warehouse is the company to call. We provide the best products and services in the material handling equipment industry at affordable rates. Along with equipment rental, we provide comprehensive product support, including service, delivery, parts, maintenance and operator safety training.

ModelCapacity (lbs)Lift (ft)Battery voltage / rated capacity
KTURRET_5231 Example 0.7140018'48 V
KTURRET_5231 Example 0.9180023'80 V
KTURRET_5231 Example 1.5300051'80 V

Verry Narrow

Aisle Series 5231

* Operators cabin “Combi” for easy stacking or order picking
* Height and length adjustable and stowable fabric seat
* Suspension-mounted cab to absorb shock and vibration
* Very soft and comfortable platform surface
* Truck access via key
* Low step-on height for easy on and off
* Optic and acoustic user guidance with signaling
* Basic functions without changing the position of the grip
* Multipurpose full graphic color display
* Sensor area for secured 2 handed driving
* Lateral barriers left and right


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    Modular Truck Design

    The combination of the fork camera and crossline laser makes load handling much easier. The crossline laser helps to target the pallet and to pick it up precisely, and the fork camera provides optimum visibility for storage and retrieval at high rack levels.

    Aisle Safety Assistant

    The assistance system detects barcodes or RFID tags in the aisle which mark unevenness in the floor, as well as obstacles in the shelving or on the ceiling, and restricts truck functions such as lift or driving speed, lift height or fork extension at these specific locations.

    Operating Panels

    For the cab, the customer can choose between a front or divided operating panel. Both variants can be adjusted quickly for working in a standing or sitting position. The integrated full-colour display provides the operator with all the relevant information at a glance, from the speed of the forklift and the lifting height to the steering angle and the time of day.

    Dynamic Reach Control (DRC)

    This system combines all other LSC functions, and adds intelligent load stabilization. When putting away or retrieving loads, the system adjusts reach according to current load weight, and eliminates lateral mast oscillations. This enables loads to be moved faster and reduces risk of damage to loads and racking.

    Mirror Module

    The equipment package includes a large rear-view mirror as well as lateral working lights to illuminate the working surroundings in the racking. There is also an optional ventilation system available to cool the operator when working at high lift levels in hot weather.

    Linde System Control (LSC)

    The system provides improved throughput rates and enhanced safety. The LSC Standard basic version indicates to the driver the residual lift capacity for the particular lift height. Enhanced LSC versions adapt additional lift and/or travel speed to the weight of the load being transported.

    Warehouse Navigation

    The forklift receives driving tasks via the customer's warehouse management system. Using barcodes or RFID tags, the system determines the location in the aisle and measures the current lift height. Based on this information, it guides the truck automatically to the desired location. The driver only has to operate the drive function.