Storage Optimization Solutions

Our comprehensive warehouse assessment, design, and development solutions ensure every aspect of your facility maximizes positive workflow. We evaluate your inventory and processing requirements, methods, and objectives to determine the best configuration of storage and processing systems. Our goal is to optimize the use of your space, equipment, and labor force.


  • On-site Surveys
  • Planning
  • CAD Layout
  • Seismic Calculations
  • Delivery & Installation
  • Permit Compliance & Applications
  • High-Pile Analysis

Expert Engineers

Our Total Solution for Every Industry

Our experienced engineers and install experts will find the perfect system for your application and maximize your square space through our extensive warehouse assessment, design, and development solutions.

  • Pallet Racking
  • High-Density Storage
  • Boltless Shelving


Expert Engineers

Advanced Technology

Our Engineering experts use the latest, breakthrough technology to provide the most accurate and efficient layouts, using seismic calculations and state-of-the-art 3D CAD software to design and configure your storage racking systems.

Storage Solutions

Seamless Integration

Our engineers specialize in storage and fulfillment, comprehending the distinct advantages offered by various carton and pallet storage types. Whether it's industrial shelving, selective pallet rack, gravity flow, or ASRS systems, we understand how to seamlessly integrate each with your material handling and conveyor systems.

Total Engineering

Completed Projects

Maximizing positive workflow for our clients.

  • Improved Storage Volume by 70%
  • Converted to More Efficient Rack Style
  • Completed Ahead of Schedule

Total Engineering

Completed Projects

Maximizing positive workflow for our clients.

  • Improved Storage Volume by 50%
  • Increased Overall Logistics Speed
  • Contracted for 6 More Facility Designs Across US


By thoroughly evaluating your inventory and processing requirements, methods, and objectives, we’ll design the most efficient configuration of storage and processing systems tailored to maximize your space, equipment, and labor resources.


Here’s what our Total Warehouse Engineering & Design Experts offer:

  • Analysis of inventory load requirements
  • Identification of environmental considerations such as seismic activity and warehouse conditions
  • Understanding of facility design and equipment limitations
  • Development of practical storage and processing solutions
  • Provision of advice on equipment and automation tools, if necessary

With our comprehensive approach, we ensure that your construction project is equipped with optimized storage and processing solutions to meet your business needs effectively.

Our system design and engineering team utilizes cutting-edge 3D CAD software to meticulously craft and tailor your storage racking systems. Your personalized design encompasses various elements, including existing structures, planned office spaces, material handling systems, pedestrian zones, vehicle aisles, fire safety measures, and emergency exits. We focus on developing storage rack designs that align with your inventory throughput objectives and product specifications, emphasizing streamlined processes and minimal handling.


Total Warehouse Engineering & Design

  • Pallet racking systems
  • Pick modules
  • Dynamic storage racks
  • Conveyors
  • Mezzanines
  • Industrial shelving
  • Automated systems and equipment integration

At Total Warehouse, we boast extensive expertise in various aspects, including new builds, reconfiguration of material handling systems, re-certification of pallet racking, and professional rack repair services.

Every operation faces its own inventory and processing challenges. Tailor your warehouse storage and processing solutions to align with your specific operational requirements, taking into account factors such as budget, labor availability, and equipment capabilities.


Engineering & Design Deliverables:

  • Concept Drawings
  • Building: Floor Plan, Warehouse Storage, Pallet Racking Elevations
  • Detailed CAD Drawings
  • Equipment Load Capacities
  • Seismic Design
  • Inventory Slotting Analysis
  • Installation Drawings
  • High-Pile Analysis

With extensive industry experience spanning sectors like food & beverage, retail, manufacturing, automotive, 3PL, electronics, home & garden supply, and more, we’re equipped to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

Rack Project Process

4 Easy Steps

1. YOU CALL. The first step in the journey towards your incredible new warehouse storage system starts by contacting Total Warehouse.
2. WE ENGINEER. No engineering project is too big or small for Total Warehouse.
3. WE DELIVER. We have a massive stock of all uprights, beams, and decking. Your project will never be stalled by waiting on shipments.
4. WE INSTALL. Our installation teams are professional, punctual, and well-equipped to handle any potential obstacles that may arise during your project.

Permit Submittal & Acquisition

Before building any rack system, it is critical to triple check the permitting requirements and warehouse safety standards in your state and local jurisdiction.

We are committed to managing the demanding process of acquiring permits for warehouse rack projects. This relieves you from the stress of ensuring compliance, handling paperwork, coordinating with multiple parties, and enduring long waits at the permit office.

  • We handle the Permit Submittal & Acquisition
  • Ensure Compliance with Regulations & Codes
  • Receive Proper Warehouse Rack Permitting


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