Warehouse Forklifts for Rent

Forklift Equipment Rental Solutions

Total Warehouse offers comprehensive turnkey solutions for you. Improve your warehouse operations through our forklift equipment rental service.

Warehouse Forklifts for Rent

Our full range of warehouse forklift equipment for rent includes sit down electric forklifts, sit down propane forklifts, and stand up reach truck forklifts. Optimize your warehouse operations with reliable equipment.

 Stand Up Reach Truck Forklifts

Stand Up Reach Forklifts

Most of our stand-up forklifts for rent have an 18-to-25-ft. lift height. We’ll help you determine the right equipment based on your required lifting capacity.

 Sit Down Propane Forklifts

Sit Down Propane Forklifts

With a lifting height of 12 to 18 feet, our sit down propane forklifts for rent are designed to streamline your warehouse operations. Check out the available models.

 Sit Down Electric Forklifts

Sit Down Electric Forklifts

Our electric forklifts for rent have varying lift heights and weight capacity. Explore the available models for daily, weekly, and monthly rental services.

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High Capacity Equipment Rental

Our heavy-duty forklift rentals are suitable for industrial facilities. Lifting capacities range from 15-19,000 LBS for high capacity propane forklifts to 36,000 LBS for industrial forklifts.

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VNA Equipment

Navigate quickly and accurately through small spaces with our VNA machines for rent. These models are ideal for densely packed warehouses with narrow aisles.


Specialty Equipment

Our multidirectional forklift rentals are versatile machines for indoor and outdoor use. They allow operators to move various types of load in four directions.

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