Store More Products per Square Foot With Bendi Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Bendi B30AC / B40AC

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Bendi Narrow Aisle forklifts offer superior space efficiency, allowing you to store more products per square foot compared to traditional sit-down forklifts. With Bendi Articulating Mast Forklifts, you can navigate aisles as narrow as 7 feet. Available in Electric or LPG Models, with lift heights ranging from 12 to 30’, the Bendi ensures maximum storage efficiency at an affordable cost.

  • Narrow Aisle Width from 6 - 7 ft
  • Lifting Heights from 12 - 30 Ft
  • Lift Capacity from 5000 lbs
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Flex Logic Controlled Handling
  • Easy Use Controls
  • Increase Storage by 70%
  • Electric & Green LP Available

Multipurpose Forklift

Material Handling Productivity

Articulating, AC powered, narrow aisle forklifts for max cube utilization and front loader versatility. Perfect for indoors and outdoors, it excels in narrow aisles and is equipped with 18" diameter tires for great underclearance.

Maximize Space Utilization, Productivity, Operator Comfort, and Safety.

  • Replaces Conventional Reach and Counterbalanced Trucks
  • Versatile Option for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Exceptional Performance and Maneuverability
  • Maximizes Material Handling Productivity

Boost Your Storage

Increase Inventory Volume

Maximize warehouse inventory space with our Bendis which boosts storage capacity without sacrificing pallet handling efficiency or dock operations. Operate in aisles as small as 6 feet wide with standard 48” deep pallets, compared to the 9-foot-wide aisles typically required by reach trucks.

Reduce Your Wasted Aisle Space by 50%

Optimized Operations

Fits Under 8-feet Tunnels

Save money and increase productivity with a Bendi forklift. The innovative design eliminates limitations in docks and rack tunnels due to mast height with its low masts reaching up to 30 ft, offering flexibility to navigate tight spaces and reach multiple heights.

Increase Your Productivity by 15%, Equaling to About $50,000 Over a 7 Year Life Span of a Truck.

Designed for Operators

Full Control and Maneuverability

Remarkable versatility and effortless control for seamless movement from shipping docks to pallet racks. Equipped with the Landoll DuraSteer™ front wheel hydraulic steering, the Bendi B30AC/B40AC provides exceptional control and makes load placement and retrieval superior to the competition.

Easy Pallet Handling

Articulating Mast

Facilitate effortless pallet handling with Bendi's unique 180º articulating mast. Operators can navigate in a very narrow aisle application by turning the mast and forks into a pallet on your warehouse shelf without the rest of the forklift needing to be aligned perpendicular to the shelving.

Easily Navigate Down Narrow Aisles To Get Your Inventory .

Maximized Productivity

Max Lift and Travel Speeds

Achieve faster lift speed, travel, pivot, and traverse speeds, and you get TOTAL CYCLE PERFORMANCE.

Maximum Travel Speed (mph)
Experience the difference in warehouse efficiency and worker safety.

Main Lift Speed (fpm)
Experience the difference in warehouse efficiency.

Maximized Productivity

Do More with Less

Bendi offers a POWERFUL difference and lifts higher capacities at once with the 30/40AC unit compared to competitors.

5 Bendis Do The Work of 6 to 7 Competitor Trucks.


Yes, the Bendi does cost more than a standard sit-down or stand-up forklift. When looking at the cost of a Bendi forklift, must consider the overall value of the extra storage space you gain by using the narrow aisle Bendi versus the standard forklift. The price of a Bendi is minimal compared to the extra revenue that will be generated in your facility with extra inventory per square foot! Check out this blog to see the math

Bendi Forklifts can operate in 7-foot wide aisles. Their articulating masts allow Bendi’s to turn pallets in tight spaces. Traditional forklifts require aisles that are around 12-feet wide.

No. In fact, many operators say they find the Bendi easier to operate than a traditional lift. This is due to the Bendi’s maneuverability in tight spaces.

It is an OSHA requirement that all forklift operators have proper training and certification on each class of powered industrial they will use. TOTAL WAREHOUSE offers training at your location or ours for all classes of warehouse equipment- including Bendi Forklifts.

Learn More About Our Training Solutions

There are many variables to consider when choosing your Bendi: They come in a variety of lift heights, capacities, power sources, and environmental grades. Give TOTAL WAREHOUSE a call or click our chat button to speak to a warehouse expert about your application and which Bendi is perfect for you.

Competitive Rates

Available for Rent, Lease, and Sale

Total Warehouse has a massive rental fleet ready to be delivered to your business at a moment's notice. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates that allow you to maximize operations at the bare minimum cost. We have you covered with the top material handling products for operational optimization that is customized to your specific needs.


Narrow Aisles with Higher Storage Volume

Bendi B30AC/B40AC forklifts provide exceptional performance and maneuverability to maximize material handling productivity.

  • Bendi Rear Wheel Drive Narrow Aisle
  • Independently Controlled Rear Wheels
  • Maximizes Material Handling Productivity
  • Exceptional Performance and Maneuverability
  • High Visibility Mast Allows Optimum Safety and Control
  • Ergonomic Design for Top Operator Comfort and Safety

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