Store More Products per Square Foot With Bendi Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Bendi B30AC / B40AC

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Bendi Narrow Aisle forklifts will enable you to store more product per square ft than any other sit down forklift in the industry. Bendi Articulating Mast Forklifts are able to navigate in aisles as narrow as 7 feet! Available in either Electric or LPG Models, with lift heights ranging from 12 to 30’ the Bendi will allow you to maximize your storage per sq ft. at a very affordable cost. TOTAL WAREHOUSE has the largest Bendi fleet on the West Coast. Call us today for a free demo. We have New & Used Bendi's available now for Lease, Rent, and Purchase!

  • Narrow Aisle Width: 7 Feet
  • Max Lift Height: 30 Feet
  • Lifting capacities to 5000 lbs
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Flex logic controlled handling
  • Pivot design side shifting system
  • Easy use controls
  • Increase storage by 70 % plus
  • Electric & Green LP available

Boost your storage

Increase inventory volume

Leading companies across countless industries are converting to Bendi VNA forklifts to optimize their facility inventory volume. Until this truck hit the market, the layout width of your warehouse racking had to remain wide enough for a standard forklift to fit in the aisle, and turn to pick or place pallets. When you build your warehouse according to the needs of your equipment, you sacrifice a massive amount of storage space. But now you can narrow your aisles down to 7 feet, see a massive increase in inventory volume, and still pick and place pallets --and work the dock with ease.

A forklift with superpowers!

Bendi forklifts have a 180º articulating mast so they are able to move into narrow aisles (as narrow as 7-feet!), raise up to 30 feet in the air, and then articulate to pick or place pallets with ease. Our customers report that the Bendi forklifts are actually easier to operate both navigating narrow aisles and also controlling pallets throughout the handling process. That means safer, faster work from your operations and more inventory per square foot because your aisles can be reduced to 7 feet from the traditional 12-15 feet!

easy to control on the dock!

Industry leaders love Bendi VNA forklifts because they are so versatile, and yet so easy to control and maneuver from the shipping & receiving dock all the way to the pallet rack. Gone are the days of using one type of equipment to get material on or off of the delivery truck, and then transferring it to another type of equipment to move that material to the rack. The Bendi can handle all parts of material handling in one swift motion. It is truly something to be seen!

Reduce Aisle Size; increase inventory volume

Bendi Narrow Aisle Forklifts are a game-changer in the material handling industry. The equation is simple: narrow your aisle width and use a Bendi to place or pick pallets from the new narrow aisles. It is that simple. The Return On Investment with a Bendi and TOTAL WAREHOUSE'S Engineering Services are almost instant. Lets optimize your warehouse today!

Fits under 8-foot tunnels

Traditionally, if you wanted to have narrow aisles to optimize your storage space, you'd need to use a Stand-up Reach Truck. The issue with reach trucks is (a) they do not negotiate well in the shipping & receiving dock area, and (b) their masts are generally too tall to pass under 8-foot tall rack tunnels. The engineers who developed the Bendi kept both of these former problems in mind when they developed its breakthrough design. Bendi's have low masts that raise up to 30 feet. This means you can fit anywhere and reach any height with the Bendi!

Total Rental

Industry Low Rates

Why buy when you can rent? Total Warehouse has a massive rental fleet ready to be delivered to your business at a moment's notice. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates that allow you to keep your operation running at the bare minimum cost. Our customers love our rental services because they know they can count on a quality, clean unit delivered to their location quickly, so they don't have to experience any downtime. We deliver thousands of warehouse equipment every year, so we are heavily experienced in the immediate need you have when you call us for rentals. Explore our rates on every type of warehouse equipment and contact us right away so we can help you out!

Cost Effective

Lets Do The Math

Bendi returns exponentially more value on your investment by allowing you to store and move more material in and out of your facility. When you run the math on the Bendi, getting over the initial sticker shock becomes a lot easier.

Articulating Mast Forklifts

Narrow Aisles with Higher Storage Volume!

The Bendi model B30AC/B40AC works in aisles as narrow as *78″ (1.98M), has a basic capacity starting at 3,000 lbs. (1361 kg) at 24″ (600mm) load center and has lift heights available to 26′ (7.92M).

  • Bendi Rear Wheel Drive Narrow Aisle
  • Independently Controlled Rear Wheels
  • Maximizes Material Handling Productivity
  • Exceptional Performance and Maneuverability
  • High Visibility Mast Allows Optimum Safety and Control
  • Ergonomic Design for Exceptional Operator Comfort and Safety

frequently asked questions

Yes, the Bendi does cost more than a standard sit-down or stand-up forklift. When looking at the cost of a Bendi forklift, must consider the overall value of the extra storage space you gain by using the narrow aisle Bendi versus the standard forklift. The price of a Bendi is minimal compared to the extra revenue that will be generated in your facility with extra inventory per square foot! Check out this blog to see the math

Bendi Forklifts can operate in 7-foot wide aisles. Their articulating masts allow Bendi's to turn pallets in tight spaces. Traditional forklifts require aisles that are around 12-feet wide.

No. In fact, many operators say they find the Bendi easier to operate than a traditional lift. This is due to the Bendi's maneuverability in tight spaces.

It is an OSHA requirement that all forklift operators have proper training and certification on each class of powered industrial they will use. TOTAL WAREHOUSE offers training at your location or ours for all classes of warehouse equipment- including Bendi Forklifts.

There are many variables to consider when choosing your Bendi: They come in a variety of lift heights, capacities, power sources, and environmental grades. Give TOTAL WAREHOUSE a call or click our chat button to speak to a warehouse expert about your application and which Bendi is perfect for you.

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