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Bolzoni Clamps

Reliable and cost effective, the Silver Line range suits all applications, particularly when lift truck operators require attachments having simple performance and low cost.

• Commonly used for handling pulp bales in the paper industry, as well as for bales of cotton, wool, tobacco, fabrics and other baled materials.
• High tensile aluminium profile.
• Check and pressure adjustment valve.
• The valve and the cylinder rods are protected in every opening position.

Bolzoni Carton Clamps

For handling of white goods and appliances in production sites, logistics centers and forwarding companies.

• Very rigid frame structure with single piece double T-profile.
• Wide visibility window for safe and easy handling operations.
• Large surface aluminium pads.
• Single oscillating pad.
• Special high-friction vulcanized rubber lining for increased positive grip allowing safe and damage-free handling.
• 4-ways reversible pads.
• Thin arm profile and new elbow support design allow easy knifing between loads.
• All standard models are suitable for pallet handling application.


• Single/double pallet handler for handling one or two pallets for increased efficiency.
• Double design for even hardest applications.
• Torsion resistant profiles for stable pallet transport.
• Highest visibility for safe handling.
• Synchronized fork travel by flow divider for perfect fit to pallet drive-in measurements.
• Dual Mounting Concept for highest flexibility.
• Lowest life time cost thanks to high quality wear components and service optimized engineering.

Bolzoni Pallet Rotators

• 360-degree rotator with ITA fork carriage for all applications requiring rotation. Commonly used in industries where the working cycles require rotation or emptying of boxes or containers.
• Fork carriage welded to the rotating frame.
• Fast and high-torque rotation.
• Continuous rotation both ways.
• Open center design, and minimized overall dimensions, ensure excellent visibility.
• New fork fixing system grants safe and easy fork positioning.
• Motor-gear box on the right (driver side) provides optimal visibility.
• Double scraper to protect the bearing.

Bolzoni Paper Roll Clamps

• 180-degree rotation. Hydraulic cushioning in the vertical end positions.
• Rotating paper roll clamp for safe and effective vertical and horizontal roll handling.
• Slim and smooth arm and frame design, optimal visibility and advanced hydraulic operation.
• Pivoting arm movement. Short and long arms. Non-split long arm for single roll handling. Split arm for 1 - 2 roll handling.
• All hydraulic functions protected with built-in pressure relief valves and check valves. All service and maintenance points easily available.

Bolzoni BRUDI Push-Pull Attachments

• Possibility to convert a conventional fork lift truck into a specially equipped machine to handle loads on slip sheets.
• Converting time: one minute.
• The driver enters the forks under the platens, tilts the mast forward, lifts the carriage up,engages the upper hooks, locks the lower mounting hooks in place and connects the quick change hydraulic couplings.
• The sheet gripper jaw is operated by a sequence valve.
• Maximum visibility.
• High tensile steel platens.
• Quick and easily mounts over truck forks.
Proven, dependable push linkage - tilting push plate standard.

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